WIAW: Meet the Teacher Day

It’s another edition of What I Ate Wednesday, like I said on Monday, I love link up posts!!


Egg sandwich on a sandwich thin

I found this jelly in the fridge, that I totally forgot about; Trader Joe’s Sweet and Hot Pepper Jelly. I absolutely LOVE this on egg sandwiches, the sweet and hot combo is a winner every.single.time.


And a delicious juicy and crisp Fiji apple


The usual Shakeology (www.myshakeology.com/jenpabst)

Today the only fruit I add to mix in was frozen pineapple. It was ok, but don’t think I’m going to do it again.

At our school, there are two activities in August that the kids look forward to every year, the first is the ice cream social done a couple of weeks before school starts, and the second is meet the teacher day, done a few days before school starts. My two have a husband and wife one teaches fifth grade and one will be teaching my second grader, they are so excited! Now that they have met their teachers and they know where their classrooms are, they are even more excited for school to start on Tuesday! We went to that after lunch then came home to pack our bags and headed up to the dunes for one last camping trip.

After 3+ hours in the car, we got here and set the kiddies loose to ride bikes and play at the playground, everyone is snuggled in now and I’m headed to do a little blog and book reading. Have a great night!



One More Week

I know sometimes it can get confusing, but there are two of us that are blogging here, I try to remember to sign my name at the bottom, but sometimes I forget. At the top of each post, it says who is posting though; either myself or my sister Tara. Tara is the one training for the marathon.

While this summer vacation has gone by really fast and we have had a ton of fun, we are all more than ready for school to start and I’m so thankful that it’s only 1 week away. We have one more get away this weekend and then it’s back to the school routine, soccer games and practices, scouts and other after school activities. I was going to do a survey that Katie posted today, but I am going to save that for a day I don’t have much to post about.


Peanut butter toast (crunch, finally!) and a juicy nectarine.

I told the kids that we were going to be cleaning the house from top to bottom today and it’s exactly what we did. I vacuumed, swept, mopped, cleaned toilets and deep cleaned every single room. Exhausting, but worth it. I can’t handle leaving on a vacation with the house dirty.

We took a break for lunch:

Chocolate Shakeology with a cup of frozen blueberries added in.

So good. So filling.

I didn’t go grocery shopping this week, so I just gathered what we had and made a dinner out of it.

Brown rice with roasted broccoli

One of the last nectarines in the house

And sliced chicken apple sausages. After Spencer came home, I took off for a bike ride. Wow. I went a different way today and it was full of hills. My quads are on fire tonight!!!

I only paused the watch, so this isn’t accurate. When I got back to the house it was at 40 minutes and 301 calories burned, but because I took the watch off and left the chest strap on, it just kept running.

I’m going to attempt to foam roll the quads and hips tonight and do a little stretching because I’m feeling a bit tight. Have a great night!

Marvelous In My Monday – #1

I have loved reading Healthy Diva Eats for about a year now, what’s not to love about her? I took a blogging break for a few months and when I came back I saw link ups for #MIMM, but didn’t really know what it was all about. Since I’m a total sucker and lover of link ups, I knew I wanted in on this one!



I don’t have a big list today, but here we go!

Weigh In:

Last Week: 193.4

Today: 191.2

Total Loss: 28.8 pounds


Over medium egg, toast and an apple made today one happy day!

Hope your Monday was marvelous as well 🙂


11 Years

Today we celebrate 11 years of marriage, I feel so old!

Last night I dropped off the kids at my mom’s house and they are staying until Sunday. While the break is nice, I really miss them! We started our morning by sleeping in and then having a pre-bike ride breakfast.

Toasted english muffins, crunchy peanut butter and sliced bananas. Then we headed off on a sweat-tastic bike ride. I have no idea how far it was, but I was exhausted after an hour. This Powerade Zero hit the spot, I need more of these ASAP.

For dinner tonight, we went to Outback, I can’t tell you the last time we were there, but it’s been far too long. We were really hungry, so I didn’t get pictures of our dinner, but I did get a picture of the most important part. Dessert. We decided to go for the glory and got the Sweet Adventure Sampler Trio:

Sweet Adventure Sampler Trio®
Sample three fabulous desserts, Chocolate Thunder from Down Under® with pecan brownie, Carrot Cake with coconut and pecans and Classic Cheesecake.

We didn’t even come close to finishing this, but I assure you we gave it all we had. My favorite was the cheesecake and spencer loved the brownie with ice cream, neither one of us was very fond of the carrot cake, which is a bummer since I adore carrot cake.

In other, unrelated news, my van is 10 years old and I am driving it until I can’t drive it anymore…it’s been SO nice only having 1 car payment for the past 3 years. This summer has been disgustingly hot and of course the air conditioner decided it wasn’t going to work. At all. I took it to a mechanic a few months ago when something else stopped working and he said it would probably be a few hundred to fix the air, and that wasn’t in the budget, so windows down it was. At Target today, we found this air conditioner can on clearance for $13. We figured we could try it and the worst thing that would happen was we were out $13. I screamed and almost cried when it worked!!! Seriously made my day!

And with that, I’m off to enjoy an evening of silence and rent a movie with the husband.