Best part of summer

Confession: when the temps go above 80, I get grouchy. I hate walking outside and feeling like I’m going to melt. My favorite temps are 65-75, if I could live in that year round, I would move this afternoon.

This summer has been the best summer that I can remember in a long time. We have had a couple of really hot days, but for the most part, it’s been a summer in the late 60’s – 70’s and it’s perfection.

My favorite part about any summer: outdoor cooking!

Over the weekend, we grilled some steaks and chicken while the in laws were visiting and wow. SO good!!

There is just something about cooking on the grill that makes everything taste better.



Beach Day

I’m so far behind on blog posting, the week without internet access sucked!

A couple of weeks ago, our Church had a kid’s activity day and we all met at Independence Oaks for a lunch, games and beach time.

They also have some really nice trails that Emma and I will brave during the day while the older kids are at school.

After everyone was done swimming and I was trying to pack things up, the boys decided to use my camera and take some selfies.


As Emma is getting older and things aren’t as insane as they were when she was a newborn, it’s actually getting easier to get out and do things during the day.

I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to take all 4 of them alone to the beach, but it was perfect with a big group of people.

School’s Out For Summer!

Yep, school has actually been out since last Friday at Noon, but two kids have hijacked my laptop during the day now that they are home!!

Our local beach hosted a school’s out beach day last Friday and it was so much fun. We left right from the school parking lot so we could get a decent parking spot and beach spot.


As the hours went by, the beach filled to capacity. They had a couple of bounce houses, a DJ, a grilled lunch and the weather was perfect for sitting by the lake.


For the most part I was playing with the 4 year old while the other two were off playing with their friends.


It wasn’t too long ago, when me relaxing at the beach was unheard of. I have to admit, it’s so nice to take a book, my chair and relax while the kids are playing and don’t need me to keep them entertained every minute of the day.


We have a pretty busy summer ahead of us, most of it will be spent on the shores of Lake Michigan and we’re all pretty excited.


In less than 3 months, I’ll have my “baby” at home for one more year, a 2nd grader and a 5th grader! Time flies by SO fast!


The End of An Era


This is the current state of my mom’s backyard. Eleven years ago, my parents had a pool put in, a lot of memories were made back there. All 3 of my kids overcame their fear of water back there and most of the past few summer days have been spent in the pool or in that backyard. But, it’s time to make new memories.


The pool was my Dad’s pride and joy. He loved everything about it, down to cleaning it. It was most definitely his “thing.” Since he is gone, it’s become a source of nothing but pain and a money pit for my mom. A few weeks ago, when she was going to open it for the summer, she realized how much money it was going to be to open it because of everything new it needed this year and said enough is enough. The pool has to go.


This is how it looked on Friday and today it’s supposed to be completely filled in and grass seed layed on top. I’m not sure why, but this really doesn’t make me sad in the way I thought it would. It’s time to take my kids to new places this summer, make new memories and start moving forward with our lives. I mentioned in my last post that I have finally moved into the acceptance phase of my grief process and this pool closing is that last piece of closure I needed.

On our way home last night, we drove by a beach that almost everyone in our city spends the summer at and I got excited about spending summer days there as well.


I’m also excited about spending a majority of the summer at the sand dunes. My kids are growing up so fast and I’m excited for everything we can do this summer vacation. With my youngest being 4 years old and done with daily naps, we are no longer slaves to being home all afternoon, the days are ours to do what we want. I envision lazy days on beaches with picnic lunches, books and kids playing in the sand.


As one chapter of my life is ending, it’s time to make new memories and start writing a new chapter. I can’t even begin to tell you how free i feel lately, acceptance is a good and powerful thing.