Marvelous in My Monday {7}

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I last posted. I had some really bad insomnia and was a walking zombie during the day, so getting online was kind of the last thing on my list. But I’m back with another edition of MiMM.

Marvelous is…under 100 days to my due date! The c-section hasn’t been officially scheduled yet, so I’m still going with April 19th until a date is set.

Marvelous is…this new Fiber One Cranberry Almond Granola.

I had some this morning with Strawberry Banana Carbmaster yogurt and a sliced banana.

All mixed up.


Marvelous is… a full week of school for the kiddies! Last Monday it was -40 and we were shoveling a foot of snow. Today it’s in the 40’s and everything is melting. I’m just happy to have a normal week around here!

Marvelous is…These Kashi bars I found on clearance the other day. They are the perfect mid-morning snack.

Marvelous is… The library opening up again! Last week due to the snow and ice, they had some plumbing and busted water pipe issues so they were closed for a few days. I am not an e-reader kind of person. I want real books, dang it!

I picked up these two books today, yep, from the Teen section. Don’t care. Sometimes you need a little light reading.

Marvelous is… the most epic lunch in a very long time.

On the bottom is a baked potato and it’s topped with salsa chicken (chicken breasts cooked in the crock pot covered in taco seasoning, chicken broth, diced tomatoes with jalepenos and black beans) and a little pepper jack cheese on top. This will be my lunch all week, I’m glad it tasted good, totally thrown together on the weekend.

Marvelous is…a local grocery store sent these in the mail last week.

After I picked up the oldest from school, we went and grabbed our bag full of goodies. I was surprised at how much was in there! Be still my heart, I’ve been craving a pineapple for days. Can’t wait to cut into this beast!!

Now it’s time for an early dinner, showers for the crew and then off to the 6th Grade Orchestra concert. My oldest plays the Cello and he’s been practicing so hard for this concert.


Marvelous in My Monday {6}


My kids have been out of school since December 19, today was supposed to be their first day back, but it was a snow day and tomorrow has been cancelled as well. While it’s nice being able to sleep in and bum around these extra days, we all NEED the school routine back in place. Soon.

I realize I’m a freak when I say this, but I love cold weather, like would trade the heat of summer for the cold winter any time, any place. The final total for this storm we had the last two days topped at 15.5 inches. This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning and then it kept snowing more and more and more all day and into the night.

We made the best of it, by catching up on movies

Eating some delicious chicken noodle soup

Making my favorite cookies of all time {Russian Tea Cakes}

And cooking one heck of an amazing dinner {Bow tie noodles with garlic/asiago chicken sausage, all covered in alfredo sauce).

Now that the storm has passed over us, here is what we are left with. Thankfully one of our neighbors plowed the whole road so we can all get out if needed, but with temps bottoming out around -40 tonight, we are only leaving the house tomorrow if my OB’s office is open.

This is looking out our front door.

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Marvelous in my Monday {5}

So happy that our power came back on a few hours ago! It is getting mighty chilly outside and we were worried about the pipes freezing/bursting before the power was restored. Thank you DTE for getting us back up and running!!! Let’s get right down to today’s MiMM.

Marvelous is…my sister making this amazing spaghetti/garlic bread loaf.

Spaghetti, garlic bread, cheese and sausage; if that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!

Here’s the finished product

Marvelous is... my mom’s Christmas tree. I don’t know how she gets it so perfect every year, but I love it.

Marvelous is…dinner tonight! We took my in laws out for dinner for their Christmas gift. SOO good. I always get the asiago peppercorn steak and it’s AMAZING. Tonight was no exception.

I’m off to finish wrapping the rest of the presents and then we are headed to my mom’s house tomorrow and Wednesday for all sorts of Christmas ridiculousness. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!!!


Marvelous in my Monday {4}

I’m so bummed I ended up leaving my camera at my mom’s house last night. Good thing we are going over there on Wednesday, the iPhone will have to do until then!

Marvelous is…the 2nd annual cousin picture taken at my mom’s house last night. I can’t believe how grown up all of these kids are getting!

Marvelous is…the snow storm we had on Saturday. It was the perfect type of snow storm, light snow all day long so the roads were able to be semi-cleared all day and we were still able to attend the Christmas party at Church Saturday night.

Marvelous is…new ornaments for the Christmas tree. This one isn’t new exactly, but I found a whole bag of ornaments out in the garage that we haven’t had on the tree in a few years, so they are like new this year!

Marvelous is…the winter wonderland that our neighborhood has going on today.

Marvelous is…the sunset happening right now.

Marvelous is…my sister coming into town! She will be here tomorrow night, I can’t even remember the last time we spent Christmas together!!

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Marvelous in My Monday {3}

Happy Monday! It’s time for another edition of MiMM, for more entries, head over to Healthy Diva Eats and details on how to participate.

Marvelous is…hitting 21 weeks on Saturday.

Marvelous is…the husband surprising me with the Christmas lights being hung up while I was out running errands. We had talked about not putting them up this year, but he said he felt bad for our kids that the house wasn’t decorated on the outside. #hesakeeper

Marvelous is…my 5 year old going to his first friend’s birthday party. There is a group of 4 boys in his Kindergarten class that have been buddies since day 1 and one of them had his birthday party at an indoor pool last night. Snow falling like crazy outside, kids swimming like crazy inside.


It’s been a busy day and I have to run off to a Christmas party planning meeting for my 3rd grader, so I’m cutting this short. Have a great day!


Marvelous in my Monday {2}

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is done and over with and the Christmas season is now in full swing! Pretty soon it will be January! We had a fantastic week, busy, but great! My husband was off all week, so we were able to spend a couple of days with just the two of us while the 3 kids were in school and then solid family time Wed-Sun. I have been straight up exhausted today, it will be an early bed time tonight for all of us. I didn’t take a ton of pictures this weekend, but I did manage to capture the highlights.

Thanksgiving is always at my mom’s house and there is usually about 25-30 people by the time family and extended family arrives. Lots of cooking and cleaning, but always worth it!

Normally, I stay the night Thanksgiving night at my mom’s house and we go shopping on Friday, but I just wasn’t up for it this year, so I went home and slept in…was marvelous!

After waking up late and enjoying a lazy breakfast, we decided to put up the Christmas tree and some of the outside decorations.

I just love the tree being up, makes the whole house seem a little more at peace.

Saturday and Sunday were spent doing some running around and then hanging out with family after Church before coming home and crashing last night.

Thanks for stopping by for my little piece of MiMM, read more here for a lot more!

Marvelous in My Monday

So nice to have my energy back for blogging and everything I have not done the last several months!

This week’s MiMM is going to be short and sweet!! From the start of this pregnancy, it has been an emotional roller coaster, it’s too long to re-cap, so here’s the entire story; Baby #4.

Today was a huge hurdle to overcome, the anatomy scan of the baby as well as an in depth check of the heart. I am thrilled to announce that baby GIRL is 100% healthy, growing right on track, has all of her limbs, parts, organs, etc. and our sweet little Emma will be arriving sometime in April 2014.

A truly amazing start to a week full of being thankful and feeling blessed. Happy Thanksgiving!!!