Egg, Chili, Cheese Wrap


AKA: Best Lunch Ever. It was an accident, really. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted for lunch, I spent the morning painting (story of my life), so I looked in the fridge for leftovers. At first, I was going to go simple and have an egg and cheese wrap.


But then I saw the leftover chili…

It was a match made in lunch time heaven. This would be good for any meal really, and thank goodness I still have some chili left.


Egg, Chili Cheese Wrap

Whole Wheat Wrap


Chili (I used 1/2 a cup)

Cheese (you can never use too much)

* Layer on tortilla, wrap and devour.

I also had a banana, that was camera shy.


And now it’s back to painting. Any volunteers?

What’s the best meal you have had lately?


House Projects

After the water damage last week, we decided to rip up the carpets (couldn’t be saved) and put hardwood floors in. With everything that was going on last week, we didn’t have time to even start the project until yesterday. We woke up bright and early to start ripping up the tack strips


And then cutting and rolling the carpet


And started thinking about all the different things I wanted to do to this room now that it was torn up anyway.



So we went off to Home Depot for the third time and stared at paint samples for awhile.


And settled on this green color, only one wall is done, but I really like it! It’s going to look so good with the hardwood floors and other dark wood accents we have.



Not too bad for my first paint job! The husband did the edges and the taping, I was in charge of everything else.



How have you been spending your weekend?

Water Damage

Saturday afternoon, I had just taken a shower and we were getting ready to run errands and have dinner with the inlaws. I went to brush my teeth and the water wouldn’t turn on. I first thought there was something wrong with the well pump, so I started walking to the utility room…but stopped in my tracks when I got to the kitchen and realized I could swim instead.


Water.Everywhere. This tiny little drain tried to catch as much as it could, but it was no match for the amount of water coming out!!!!

Spencer was able to stop the water flowing by turning off the pump, and then realized this had come apart and was pumping water into the house as fast as it could.


A plumber came out, but it won’t be fixed until tomorrow. Until then, we are dealing with the clean up.

Mr. Dehumidifier is my new best friend


But, I’m not sure it’s going to be enough. We had to rip up the carpet in the front room and into the hallway. We already know we’ll need new padding, now we need to see if the carpet can be saved (I have a feeling it can’t) or if we need to do something else. For now, this is how things look.


Seriously, we can’t catch a break lately.


Looks fun huh? Blah. At least we are able to stay at my mom’s house until we get this all settled!!!!

Tell me something funny or happy that has happened with you, I need some good news in my life!

New Picture Spot


I have been searching for the perfect photo location since we moved in, somewhere with lots of natural light; I finally found it. The ledge off the dining room. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of my lunch yesterday.


I haven’t tried it with a plate yet, but for now, my bowl and fruit cup fits perfectly.


And my new glass from our weekend trip last weekend.


Have a great day! I’m off to a doctor’s appointment I’ve been dreading…