Marvelous in My Monday {3}

Are you read for another edition of MIMM? Thanks to the awesome Katie for hosting!

1.  Weigh in Day!

Last Week: 188.4

Today: 187.8

Not a huge loss, but the scale is still going down and it makes me insanely happy!

2. Turbo Fire 

I started this on Saturday and so far, SO AWESOME! I’m doing the Prep Schedule which is 9 weeks long and then I’ll do the 12 week schedule and then order the advanced DVD’s.

3. Trader Joe’s

I typically don’t go during the summer because my two oldest despise grocery shopping with me, so we go to one store and as quick as possible. When it’s just me and the sidekick, he loves shopping with me! My new find today

If you haven’t tried these, just do it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they are gone. I took them to the soccer game and our whole family devoured this bag. I almost want to go back tomorrow for more.

I promised my husband I would only get a picture of his hand :0 He’s blog shy…

4. Halloween Costumes

I’m still working on the costumes for Tyler and Karlie, but Aiden has had his heart on Spiderman. Done.

Cutest spiderman ever. Right?

He loves his “giant man muscles.”

5. Marvelous Dinner

Bowtie noodles, alfredo sauce, roasted broccoli.

Hello, lover. Best idea I’ve had for dinner in a long time.

And, that’s it! I hope your Monday was marvelous!!