What I Ate Wednesday {8}

It’s that time of the week again! Time to link up and share food for WIAW. I love reading blogs on Wednesdays, so many new recipes and meal ideas, and today has been no exception.

Let’s get right to it!


When I find something that tastes delicious and doesn’t make my blood sugars soar, I tend to stick with it until I get sick of it. Lately it has been cinnamon raisin english muffins, topped with crunchy nut butter and then an orange on the side.


Pretty sad that I couldn’t remember what I had for lunch until I went back and looked at the pictures from today. #pregnancyproblems. Pregnancy brain is for real. I had an egg sandwich and a cup of grapes.


I’m happy to say that my aversion to vegetables is fading and I actually had a craving for roasted broccoli all afternoon, I couldn’t wait to eat it for dinner tonight! We had spaghetti and then I roasted broccoli in some coconut oil, sea salt and pepper.

Don’t mind the bump that got in the way of the pictures, that seems to be happening a lot lately.

Speaking of the bump, today is hump day, bump day! 28 weeks, 4 days.

And that wraps up my day! I’ll be finishing off the day with my current bedtime snack of a sliced apple and peanut butter. Exciting.


What I Ate Wednesday {7}

Hello, Hello! Just when I thought food aversions and other yuckiness associated with pregnancy was gone…it’s back with a vengeance. I have had a craving for baked potatoes and chicken for a few days and was so excited to cook that tonight, as you’ll see, that didn’t happen. My stomach has felt “off” all day long today. It’s only 7:15pm, but I’m ready to put the kids and myself to bed. Before that happens, let’s get to the WIAW party!


This meal has been on repeat for about a week, it’s so filling and so delicious, I can’t help but eat it every morning.

Carbmaster yogurt with Fiber One Cranberry Almond granola and a sliced banana. Perfection.


I had an Endocrinology appointment this morning and on the way home I decided to treat myself to a lunch out. Thank you, Jimmy John’s.

This sandwich was SO good, I think it’s going to be dangerous for the rest of the pregnancy that Jimmy Johns is so dang close to us.


No chicken. Instead I toasted two waffles, slapped some crunchy nut butter and a sliced banana on top and called it a meal. I needed a little something extra, so I had another yogurt.

And because I have yet to finish and publish my 26 week bump-date, here is a picture for hump day, bump day (26 weeks, 4 days).

23 Weeks

Another week bites the dust! We are under 150 days until due day, CRAZY.

Baby is the size of…Grapefruit. That must be one HECK of a massive grapefruit!!!

How I’m Feeling: Pretty dang good. I managed to shop till I nearly dropped this morning, and aside from a little bit of a backache, I managed to get everyone crossed off the shopping list and finally feel ready for Christmas. My blood sugars are also behaving themselves, I have been having fasting numbers between 80-90 every day and my after meal numbers are between 60-90. Let’s hope this trend continues!

Food Cravings & Aversions: All I want is Mexican food and/or steak. If I can have spicy steak at every meal, done. Tell where to be and when.

Appointments: I met with my eye doctor on Tuesday and everything looks fabulous. There is no sign of Diabetes in my eyes and no sign of Diabetic Retinopathy either. Thank goodness!!!

Upcoming Appointments: Nothing until January

Just for fun, here is the bump at 13 weeks and today at 23 weeks.


22 Weeks

Baby is the size of: Papaya

This is two weeks in a row he has decided that he needs to be in the picture with me. I’m also in denial that my current “baby” will be 6 in February. Seems like I was just pregnant with him!

Symptoms: Getting harder to find a comfortable sleeping position. I’ll wake up and my hips will be on fire and then I’ll switch to the other side to wake up a few hours later with that side hurting. It’s a vicious cycle. Definitely feeling more and more movements, the strongest are at night when I’m trying to fall asleep or anytime my blood sugar is low, she beats on me like a little drum to get my attention.

Food Cravings & Aversions: Steak. I want steak and lots of it.

Upcoming Appointments: I have an appointment on Tuesday with a new eye Dr. to make sure I don’t have Diabetic Retinopathy. Don’t ask me what it means, because I really have no idea. I just know my endocrinologist told me I need to be screened for it and then once a month until I deliver.

That’s all I have for tonight. I can’t believe we are already halfway through this, April may seem far away, but it’s really not. She’ll be here before I know it!

Winter Sunsets

I am so happy I found the charger to my nice camera. Iphone pictures are nice, but I have really missed my Nikon!! It snowed a little this afternoon, and just as the sun was setting, I was able to get some pictures, it is FREEEZING cold, but it’s so gorgeous!

I spent the bulk of my morning doing some Christmas shopping, I was seriously worn out by the time it was all over with. #pregnantproblems I’m happy that we’re almost done, except for a few little things. I am in denial that Christmas is less than two weeks away though, it sneaks up on me every year!!


Egg sandwich and 1/2 a grapefruit. I have been having some mad cravings for citrus the last few days, oranges and grapefruits don’t stand a chance.

So juicy. So sour. So delicious.


Spicy steak tacos for the win. These were glorious. While the chicken aversion is still going strong, I can’t get enough steak. I want it ALL the time!!

And now it’s time to catch up on the DVR and fold the massive pile of laundry that I have been putting off all afternoon. Have a great night!

21 Weeks

Baby is the size of: Pomegranate


Just my ever expanding uterus. Still feeling pretty good, it’s just all fun and games until it’s time to put on socks or shoes, then I realize I have a medicine ball attached to me. Getting harder to sleep at night, but having strategically placed pillows is making things easier and I’m finally sleeping all night again, so I’m happy.

Food Cravings & Aversions: 

Can’t really think of anything that I HAVE to have right now, but the aversion to chicken is back in full force.

Appointment Updates: 

Endocrinology: My insulin needs are on the rise again and probably will continue to do until I deliver, but he’s pretty confident that I could leave the hospital on oral medication or on nothing at all.

OB: Had to go in for a test that should be done yearly, but I haven’t had done since April 2012, let me tell you how pleasant that test is when you are getting kicked in the bladder at the same time by a tiny little ninja. Other than that, baby girl is doing great, measuring a little big, but nothing to be concerned about at this time and my blood pressure is still normal, so yay!

Upcoming Appointments: Nothing until January!

In other news, I found the charger for my good camera, so bye bye iPhone pictures! I’m so excited!!!

20 Weeks

Baby girl is officially half way done baking!

Symptoms: This baby is a ninja. It’s especially awesome at 4am to get a swift kick to the bladder making me nearly pee myself, but I am SO happy and relieved to feel those little movements!

Food Cravings: I want all the things.

Food Aversions: Nothing, bring me food.

Appointment Updates: I had my 20 week OB appointment today, it was short and sweet. I refused to look at the scale because it just doesn’t matter. My blood pressure was 110/76 and the uterus was measuring right where it should be. Apparently I haven’t had a pap smear since April 2012, so I’ll be having that done next week. Sounds freaking fabulous.

Upcoming Appointments: Nothing else this week.