Five Things Friday {10}

1. I feel sorry for everyone in my life or that I come into contact with lately. My mood swings are pretty well “swung” over to the bad side and I am one cranky son of a gun. Sorry.

2. I find myself giving this look to almost everyone and everything all day long. #cantcontrolthesnark

3. I miss sweating. Not sweating from trying to put my shoes on, which is a daily occurrence now…but sweating from a good old fashioned butt kicking workout.

4. I want cake. Lots and lots of cake. And I don’t want to have to inject a bottle of insulin for that to happen, so I’ll just dream about it. For now.

5. Because I’m trying to keep myself motivated through these last few weeks of pregnancy, I’m running a Spring Biggest Loser Challenge. It starts on Monday, $10 to join and winner takes all. If you want to join, let me know!!


Five Things Friday {9}

Good morning…even though it’s Noon in 4 minutes. Having all of these snow days is totally throwing me off, I never know what day it is anymore. It’s taken me all morning to realize it’s Friday and not Tuesday.

Total random of 5 things for today, here we go!

1. 78 days until my due date! Until I have the c-section scheduled, this is the date I use. I can’t believe that it’s getting so close.

2. My youngest is turning 6 on Sunday and he LOVES all things Captain America (or really anything like that really), he’s going to be so excited for this present.

3. Speaking of his birthday; here is my little snow minion. So excited to be able to play in the snow yesterday after school.

4. The husband celebrated 5 years at his job this past September and was able to pick a gift from a list of things; I love that instead of getting whatever he wanted, he told me to pick. Cuisinart griddle/grill/panini maker for the win! We tried it out last night with pancakes. Loved it!

5. This book. It’s out of the Teen section (don’t judge…), but it was REALLY good. It really makes you think about how 1 single moment in your life can impact so many people. I highly suggest reading it, I finished it in about a week, it was hard to put down.

Elizabeth Valchar-pretty, popular, and perfect-wakes up the morning after her eighteenth birthday party on her family’s yacht, where she’d been celebrating with her six closest friends. A persistent thumping noise has roused her. When she goes to investigate, what she finds will change everything she thought she knew about her life, her friends, and everything in between. As Liz begins to unravel the circumstances surrounding her birthday night, she will find that no one around her, least of all Liz herself, was perfect-or innocent. Critically acclaimed author Jessica Warman brings readers along on a roller-coaster ride of a mystery, one that is also a heartbreaking character study, a touching romance, and ultimately a hopeful tale of redemption, love, and letting go.

That wraps up this week’s edition of Five Things Friday. Have a great weekend!

Five Things Friday {8}

Since I’m in the 3rd Trimester now, it’s time to get into baby mode gear around here. Since we have nothing, that means there are some things we’ll be getting new and since they will be donated or sold to consignment shops as she outgrows them, I can get them as girly as I want without having to worry about what the next baby will use. So today’s 5 Things Friday are 5 of the items I’m currently coveting and price stalking.

1. Diaper Bag

We’ll be using cloth diapers and I’m breastfeeding, so I don’t need a huge diaper bag, but I really just love the simplicity of this one.

2. Boppy Pillow

I don’t think I could have figured out how to breastfeed without this thing! I loved it and can’t wait to get another one.

3. Rock ‘n Play

Something new since my last baby- I saw it at Target and was intrigued for sure!

4. Swing

Depending on how successful the RnP is, we may not be buying the swing, but I adore this one.

5. Muslin Blankets

Everyone I talk to tells me how wonderful these blankets are, so many to choose from, *i* want to snuggle with one too!

Have a great weekend!

Five Things Friday

Fingers crossed this is the last day of Christmas vacation. These three little kids of mine had their last day on December 19th. ALL of us are ready for the school routine again. We are supposed to get hit with another round of snow this weekend, so there is a chance for a snow day on Monday. We spent the last two days cooped up in the house because the roads were so bad, today we are busting out of here! My daughter turns 9 tomorrow (I swear she was JUST born) and I need to pick up a few things.

In no particular order;

1. Cereal. I have never been a huge cereal lover until the last week or so. Honey nut Chex of Frosted Mini Wheats with a banana and cold milk. Yes, please.

2. Citrus. I am so obsessed with oranges and grapefruits right now, I think we have 10lbs of grapefruits and two giant bags of oranges.

3. Soup. My lunches have been a variety of soup with a piece of fruit on the side. Easy, but so delicious.

4. Cloth Diapers. The cost was a HUGE factor in deciding to cloth diaper this time around, but seriously, how cute are these?! I have a few more coming and that will bring our stash to about 20.

5. Books. I set a goal to read 100 books this year, and I have already started with this one.

The youngest of three daughters, Angela DeSaria Malone was always “the princess” of the family, a girl who thought she knew how her life would unfold. High School. College. Marriage. Motherhood. That was how it had gone for her sisters, her cousins, her friends. But it didn’t work out that way for Angie. She and her husband tried desperately to have a child; year after year, their perfectly decorated nursery remained empty. Finally, their marriage collapsed under the weight of lost dreams.

After the divorce, Angie moved back to her hometown and rejoined her loud, loving, slightly crazy family. In West End, a place where life rises and falls in time with the tides, she will find the man who once again will open her heart to love . . . and meet the girl who will change Angie’s life.

Lauren Ribido lives in a rundown apartment in a bad part of town with a mother who cares more about her next drink than about her daughter. At seventeen, Lauren knows that her aspirations in life may never come to pass.

From the moment they meet, Angie sees something special in Lauren. They form a quick connection, this woman who is desperate for a daughter and the girl who has never known a mother’s love. When Lauren is abandoned by her mother, Angie doesn’t hesitate to offer the girl a place to stay. But nothing could have prepared Angie for the far-reaching repercussions of this act of kindness. In a dramatic turn of events, she and Lauren will be tested in a way that mothers and daughters seldom are. Together they will embark on an intensely moving, deeply emotional journey to the very heart of what it means to be a family.

Have a great night! Want to post five things you’re loving this week? Leave a link in the comments.

Five Things Friday

What a whirlwind week, but SO much fun! I’m happy that the kids and husband are still home for another week, we have lots of fun things planned and then before I know it they will be back to school and work. 

I didn’t get a post up for Christmas Day, so I’m including it in today’s Five Things Friday post. 

1. Santa came about 3.2 seconds after everyone was tucked in, mama was tired and wanted to go to bed too!

2. After they opened their stockings and Santa gifts, we piled into the living room to open the rest of the gifts. 

3. The afternoon and evening was spent relaxing and watching movies. I think almost all of the adults snuck a nap in at some point as well. Was glorious.

4. My daughter wanted a sewing machine from Santa, yesterday she made some burp cloths for baby girl Emma.

5. Baby Emma clothes are starting to be acquired!!! She was pretty spoiled Christmas morning, I got a few strong kicks and rolls as I was opening her gifts; we’ll just pretend that was her approval 😉

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!


Five Things Friday

I was looking forward to spending the day cleaning, organizing some Christmas gifts and doing a little bit of relaxing before the kids are out of school for two weeks…and then the phone rang at 5am. Apparently the back roads were a bit icy, so snow day it is. Thankfully, the school sing a long and Christmas parties were yesterday afternoon!

Let’s get on to this edition of Five Things Friday!


1. Last Saturday night, our Church had a Christmas dinner and then the younger kids did a live nativity. Tyler was Joseph, Karlie was an angel and Aiden was supposed to be an animal, but got a bit of stage fright at the last minute.

2. We have decided to cloth diaper this time around. I am having way too much fun shopping on Ebay for fun girly cloth diapers! I can’t believe we are going to have someone small enough to fit into this soon!!!!

3. Throwback Thursday action. This was my brother and I circa mid 1980’s. Apparently we were very excited to get those sunglasses.

4. Fisbee the Elf has come to visit from CA with my sister and niece. I have never been a fan of the Elf on the Shelf, but my son’s Kindergarten teacher does a version of it in her class room (theirs is the Frog on the Log) and Aiden has been SOO excited about it, I think I’ll have to break down and get a freaking elf next year.

5. Christmas parties at school yesterday. I bounced between the Kindergarten and 3rd grade classrooms and both were festive and full of fun activities for the kids to do. So happy they did this yesterday and they didn’t have to miss out today because of the snow day!!


Five Things Friday

Good evening! My boys and husband are at the Piston’s game tonight, so it’s just me and the daughter hanging out. We went out to eat with my Mom and did a little Christmas shopping, now she’s watching Tangled, I’m updating the blog and then we are both heading to bed.

But first, 5 fabulous things for today’s Five Things Friday:

1. This ice cream. Oh man, it is AMAZING. The bits of peppermint candies make it a little bowl of heaven.

2. The lowest fasting blood sugar # since October. So happy!

3. I love this candle. I have been burning it at night and the whole kitchen smells of pepperminty goodness, one of my favorite flavors and smells.

4. Dinner from tonight; you can never, ever go wrong with steak fajitas.

5. Ornament that my daughter made at school today. Handmade ornaments make up the bulk of our tree, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’ll leave you with this high 5 for the end of today’s Five Things Friday. Have a great weekend and if you are also in the path of this snow storm, good luck and stay safe and warm!