Last night I was cooking dinner when my daughter yelled MOOOOMMMMMM, come here quick!!!!!! I ran to the toy room and saw a sagging ceiling with water dripping. Yay. I called my husband who thankfully was able to leave work ASAP and come figure out what was going on. My uncle also came over and patched the roof as best he could while the husband ripped out the wet drywall.


Since the rain is going to continue for today and tomorrow, the actual roof repair can’t happen until Sunday. Until then, we have it patched and some tarps down just in case.


It’s been raining most of the morning and so far, so good. A drop falls about once every 5 minutes or so, just keeping my fingers crossed nothing else happens and the repair goes smoothly.


See that little wet spot? That’s the tiny little leak that caused so much damage!!!

Moving on, I tried bringing eggs back today for breakfast. I use the term loosely. I couldn’t finish this plate without gagging. I think I’m done with eggs for awhile.



A Whole New World

On September 25th of this year, I will be a mom for 10 years. Shocking. For these past 10 years I have put myself on the back burner and done everything for these 3 little monkeys while doing nothing for myself. I have woken up before the sun to workout, I have stayed up until midnight so I could get in a workout, but today, that all changed. And, it’s like a new world has opened up for me. One that involved me going to bed at 10pm last night instead of 8  and getting up at 6 this morning and enjoying the quiet time before the troops woke up.


Creepiest self photo ever? Yep. I win.

This morning I sent my two oldest off to school, came home and made my youngest his breakfast and then made myself breakfast


Washed down with this delicious water


And then about 15 minutes later, at 9am, I did one sweaty 30 minute Turbo Fire workout (Fire 30). It was awesome. I feel like a brand new mama. One that actually CAN take care of herself now without having to be up before the sun to get it done! My energy has been through the roof today and I love it!!!

Admitting Defeat

I tried. I really tried. Evening workouts just aren’t going to work. Dang it. With 3 little kids and a husband who’s schedule is unpredictable lately, I have skipped and/or shortened so many workouts this week, I may as well as not have done anything. I tried doing a 30 minute DVD the other day that took nearly 2 hours because I had to keep stopping and helping someone with something. Not acceptable. So. Crap. Back to early morning workouts it is. And let me tell you, it was tough waking up early this morning!!!

It’s been a long day…and it’s only 2:15.

I am finally over this cold that had me under it’s hold the last few days. Thank goodness! My house has been suffering this week along with me, things have been picked up, but not cleaned as much as I normally do every day. I’ve been disinfecting my little heart out for most of the day today.

Breakfast: It’s no secret I love egg sandwiches, but I’ve been getting kind of sick of the same old sandwich, so I tried doing something different today and tried it Peanut Butter Fingers style.


Safe to say I’m hooked.


English muffin, egg, sharp cheddar cheese and strawberry jam. I can’t wait to try different combos of cheese and jelly. On the side I had a Cara Cara orange, these are my favorite oranges, I was so sad this was the last one in my stash.

Lunch was a little outing for Aiden and I today, we went to a friend’s house with some other moms and two cute little newborns. We had the most delicious soup and rolls, perfect for this snowy {finally!!!!} day.

Time for more disinfecting, hope you’re all having a great day!

Breakfast Bake

It’s no secret that I am infatuated with eggs, I love them any way they are prepared. One of my favorite ways is in a casserole or a bake of some sort, but I’m the only one at our house who feels that way, so I don’t make them often. When we moved into our house in June and all of my dishes and bakeware came out of storage, I totally forgot about all of the different size ramekins and other small dishes I had. They have been sitting in the cupboards for nearly 6 months now, time to put them to use and what better way than with a breakfast recipe?


This is a pretty basic bake recipe that I plan to change up in the future, so we’ll call this the “base” recipe.

Breakfast Bake

  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg white (if using liquid egg whites, it’s 3Tbsp.)
  • Slice of muenster cheese (I broke it into pieces and used half mixed in to the eggs and the other half on top)
  • green onions
  • green peppers
  • hot sauce

I sprayed the ramekin and then put a few (X10) drops of hot sauce in the bottom then beat the egg and egg whites together and put them in the dish and mixed in the chopped onion, pepper and 1/2 slice of muenster cheese.

Bake at 375 for 25 minutes and then top with the remaining half of cheese and bake until cheese is golden brown and bubbly.


Next time I will add some salsa and maybe other toppings. The possibilities are endless!!


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Ugly, but delicious

If you haven’t noticed, our meals aren’t as elaborate or adventurous as they once were. The reason is simple, I’m trying to keep things as easy and nutritious as possible and still stay within my points for the day. I’ve also put us on a tight grocery budget because I’m sick of food going to waste. For dinner last night, we had clean out the fridge night. Not everyone had the same thing, but it was a way to use all of our leftovers from the week and everyone was happy with their plates. Mine was ugly (I need a light box!), but it was quite tasty.

I had a base of brown rice and pinto beans, I used 1/2 a cup of each.

And then topped with an over medium egg…wanted over easy, but got distracted.

And then finished it off with the second half of my apple from my lunch. I was pretty surprised at how filling this combo was and also how good it was!!!

Fan of leftovers or throw them away?


Something I have been debating posting, but I need some ideas. I feel like I am hungry all.the.time.

I realized today that it’s because I’m trying to eat “by the clock,” instead of eating based on how I’m feeling. For example, it’s 7am and I’m starving, but I think that if I eat now, when will I be able to eat lunch? Instead of just eating then and having some fruit or something else later in the morning, I starve myself until I get home from dropping off the two oldest at school and it’s almost 9am before I eat anything. This probably wouldn’t even be an issue, except I’m up at 4:15am to workout and don’t eat until almost 5 hours later. Now that I’m typing this all out, it sounds utterly ridiculous and I really don’t know why I do it. Speaking of which;



Sweet and Spicy Egg Sandwich

  • Whole wheat english muffin
  • 3Tbsp. liquid egg whites
  • Trader Joe’s Sweet and Hot Pepper Jelly
  • Apple with cinnamon

This seems like a reasonable breakfast right? The trouble is, I’m SO hungry by the time I eat this, it doesn’t even make a dent in my hunger levels. It’s like this every day, then instead of eating something mid-morning, what do I do? Oh yeah, starve myself until 1pm when my youngest is down for a nap.


Picnik collage

This was so good and if it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right!!

  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 1 egg
  • salsa

Rounded out with a carrot and hummus.


Once again, it hasn’t even been 2 hours since I inhaled ate this and I could easily eat my arm off if I needed to. It’s like I CAN’T get the hunger satisfied for longer than an hour and a half.

So what to do now? My plan?

I can’t eat anything before I work out. I’m barely awake enough to tie my shoes and I’m honestly not hungry right away, but I realize I need to eat something between the time I’m done and 9am. I can’t keep going the way I’m going!

I also need to make sure I’m eating every couple of hours so I don’t get the “holy cow I have to eat right this second” feeling.

Any other suggestions? Please help me, I’m starving!!!!

Don’t Judge


I waited far too long to eat this morning and I was shaking I was so hungry. So, I bring you a giant breakfast. Don’t judge.DSC_0944

Breakfast Bake:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg white
  • Chopped turkey sausage
  • Cheesoning and Dill Weed

No idea how long this took, but seemed like hours before it was finally done! Totally worth it though.


I also had a whole wheat english muffin topped with Barney Butter Almond Butter. I was sent a sample box of the 90 Calorie Almond Butter squeeze packs and I have been dying to try one out. After I squeezed it onto my muffin, I had to double check the package to make sure it was actually almond butter. It was so creamy!!! I love this and will be purchasing more of this soon! I topped each slice with a little bit of honey and it totally hit the spot.


To round out my meal, I also had an apple.

Don’t judge.