I’ve been a little quiet lately, because there’s something I need to talk about, but didn’t really know how to bring it up. Before anyone jumps to any conclusion, NOT PREGNANT. That ship has sailed, I have an appointment tomorrow morning to finalize my plans for permanent birth control and I can’t wait.

My confession: I quit Weight Watchers. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about, but didn’t want to make any decisions until I completed 3 months. Now that I have, I am no longer a member. The one thing I’ll miss? The meetings. It’s much, much easier for me to count calories than points and I found a website for tracking my calories, but I’m really going to miss the weekly meetings. I don’t want to start bashing Weight Watchers, because I really believe like it saved me back in October. I was lost and didn’t know what to do and I was given direction and now it’s time to take that direction and go on my own journey to greatness.

I feel a lot better now that this is all out in the open. There are millions of people who aren’t going to support my decision and defend weight watchers to their death and that’s fine. You don’t need to tell me I’m wrong, I’ve made a decision and I’m at peace with it.  If anyone uses the website My Fitness Pal, please feel free to friend me.

Exercise has been pretty non-existent the last few days, I’m over the cold and sore throat, but had the worst chest cough and it was horrible when I over – exerted myself so I took a few days off. I’m more than ready to jump back in with both feet tomorrow morning!!!

Here are some breakfasts for the past few days:

Peanut Butter Chia Toast and a grapefruit


And a Honey Peanut Pretzel Luna bar that is SO freaking good!!!


With strawberries


I’ve been using Windows Live Writer since August and I just noticed while writing this post the different photo options for colors and frames, too fun!!


Busy Day

I can’t believe it’s already 1pm and I’m just having a chance to sit down and get things done today!! My sweet sister in law is pregnant with her 2nd baby and has been put on bed rest, so today was my day to help her and watch her little snuggle bunny, look at this face?! Isn’t he adorable?? He’ll be a big brother in just a few months…


After I put him down for a nap and said bye to his mommy, Aiden and I headed home for lunch and now my little bear is down for a nap so I can have a bit of free time before the other two come home from school and our night of Halloween fun starts!

My breakfast was nothing special, same thing I’ve been having every morning this week, except I ate it on the road.  But lunch, lunch was a good one, and brought to you buy a company almost everyone in the blog world knows about, Love Grown Granola.


I tried the Sweet Cranberry Pecan today and I get it now! When Love Grown started popping up on blogs, I didn’t really get the hype, now that I’ve tried it…holy granola! I get it!!!

With its award-winning flavor, our Sweet Cranberry Pecan is the perfect combination of tart cranberries and toasted clusters of pecans and whole grain rolled oats. Our cranberries are sweetened with apple juice concentrate, rather than sugar or cane juice, allowing their full flavor to explode and making this the perfect topping to your yogurt or a healthy snack! Plus, instead of using refined sugars or artificial sweeteners, we only use honey and agave to sweeten our products. Natural, healthy and DELICIOUS is what we’re all about!


  • Kroger Carbmaster Tropical Fruit Yogurt (2P+)
  • Chia Seeds (1P+)
  • Love Grown Granola, Sweet Cranberry Pecan (3P+)
  • Kiwi (0P+)


If you’re looking for a granola that’s not overly sweet, full of clusters, search no more! Head to your nearest store and pick up a bag, you’ won’t be sorry! The little slivers of coconut…YUM!!! Each little piece was perfectly coated with just enough sweetness and flavor without being over-powering. A winning combo in my book!


Just look at that granola goodness?! Thanks Love Grown for the chance to try your granola blends, can’t wait to try the other flavors!

I was provided bags of Love Grown Granola free of charge, but the opinions are my own.

What I Ate Wednesday #7


Phew! What a day!! It’s time for another round of What I Ate Wednesday!! I’ve held off on posting all day today so I could have a real entry of what I ate today.







I saw these refried bean flautas on Snack Snark Bark. She always has amazing meals and when I saw these, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be making them. Mine did not turn out nearly as pretty as hers did, but I assure you, they were absofreakinglutely delicious and I will be making them again!!!


  • Corn Tortillas (6P+)
  • Refried beans with green chilis (3P+)
  • LOADS of salsa.

The spicier the better!

For dessert, I had a kiwi.




It’s not the prettiest dinner, but I assure you, it was perfectly filling and delicious!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!!