Happy 7th Birthday Karlie

Hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since my baby girl was born. I shared the birth story of my oldest back in September, so it’s only fitting I share her birth story now.

After my first horrible pregnancy and labor and delivery, I was not looking forward to repeating the same experience. When I found out I was pregnant, my OB and I decided that if I wanted to, I was an excellent candidate for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section), I did a lot of research and decided that I would give it a try. We were only concerned about her being too big, Tyler was born at 37 weeks and was 8lbs 12oz and I couldn’t deliver him, so together my OB and I decided that if I hadn’t gone into labor naturally by 39 weeks, he would induce.

At 36 weeks and 1 day, I woke up around 1am to minor contractions. At 2am, I could no longer sleep in between them so I went to watch TV and start timing them. Since I was having a VBAC, I needed to be heavily monitored so once my contractions were 15 minutes apart for an hour, I was to come in. By 4am, they were very consistent and about 20 minutes apart, but of course it was also the start of a snow storm, so we headed to the hospital. Tyler had stayed the night at my parent’s house so thankfully we didn’t have to worry about taking him anywhere in the middle of the night. We got to the hospital (normally a 15 minute drive) in about an hour because of the snow and the contractions were really strong by that point and really close together.  Side note – I haven’t thought about this night in a few years and it’s quite amazing that I recall all of these details so vividly!!! When we arrived, I had already been on the phone with my OB who had alerted the hospital. They had a wheel chair waiting for me and took me straight to triage…and then I stood up and my water broke. They checked me and I was almost 6cm so I was sent to a room and hooked up to the monitors…I remember someone telling me that if I wanted an epidural now was the time, because my labor was really progressing fast. Thank heavens I listened and got the epidural immediately. After that, things slowed down and I was able to rest for a couple of hours. I fell asleep a little before 6am. At 8am, I woke up feeling this crazy, intense pressure and after being checked again, I was 10cm and could start pushing.

The next part is a memory burned into my brain and sometimes I wish it wasn’t so vivid…

The time was 10:30am, I had been pushing for nearly 2.5 hours and she wasn’t budging. They had me in every position imaginable and her head wasn’t passing under my pubic bone. At that point, even though the epidural was working it’s magic, I felt this almost tearing sensation around the area of my first c-section incision. I told the nurse who, ran to get my OB and that’s when the bleeding started. He walked in the room and there was blood everywhere, and they thought my uterus had ruptured. My OB looked me in my eyes and said “We have to get you to the operating room. Now. You are losing a lot of blood.” I remember running and people yelling and someone putting an oxygen mask on me. I remember looking at the clock on the way out of my labor room and it was 10:47am. Next thing I knew, I was laying on an operating table praying my baby and myself would make it through this alive.

Karlie Lynn was born less than 5 minutes from the labor and delivery room to the operating room at 10:51am. They cut into me so fast that they knicked her cheek and she still has a scar.

Turns out that with every push, the placenta was tearing away from my uterus and was practically detached which caused all of the bleeding. She was on oxygen for a little bit, but then was placed safely in my arms while they worked on me. I lost a lot of blood, but my uterus was able to be saved.

It was a terrifying experience and I thank my lucky stars that both of us survived that day!!

One of my favorite pictures of Karlie and my Dad – she was about 8 months old here


Her and my Dad were two peas in a pod. He loved her so much and they were the best of friends. It makes me so sad that he isn’t here to watch her grow up, but I know that he loved and still loves her with all of his heart and she will always be his Karlie.


This was Karlie in 2009 and this is her now – well on Christmas


Happy Birthday my little princess!!!!


Birthdays and a Birth Story


Saturday afternoon we all met at my mom’s house with my Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins for birthday party for everyone with a birthday in September (me, my mom, grandma, brother, and Tyler). After some snacks and family picture taking, we all headed off to a local restaurant for dinner.


Dinner at the Highland House is a rite of passage around here, homecoming, birthdays, sports banquets, it’s all done at the Highland House. The greek salads are amazing and the breadsticks are to die for!


DSC_0704                          DSC_0706 

We started off with the breadsticks and garlic cream cheese dip.


So good. I stopped myself, but I could have devoured this entire basket by myself and then licked the garlic cream cheese bowl clean. After the bread, we moved on to salads. I just had the tossed salad with ranch.


“You’re taking pictures of your food?” Yes, yes, I am.

I decided on the Grilled Chicken Fettuccine with Bell Peppers and Mushrooms. It was good, but I barely ate a 1/4 of it!


Because I knew the highlight of the meal was coming. Birthday cake!


Costco cakes are my favorite. White, fluffy cake with cheesecake filling. It doesn’t get any better!!!


Moving along, yesterday was my Tyler’s 9th birthday. I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since he was born. I’ve never done this before, so I thought I would share his birth story. His pregnancy was the hardest one out of the 3. I had morning sickness for months, gestational diabetes and around 32 weeks was put on blood pressure medication 3 times a day for high blood pressure. I was scheduled for an induction on September 26th because I would be 38 weeks on that day (it was a Thursday). The Saturday prior to that, I woke up that morning feeling “off”.” By the time I got to the hospital, my blood pressure was near stroke level, I was given a stronger blood pressure medication and admitted to the hospital. My OB approached me and said we could start the induction, but it could take days or we could do a c-section right then. I opted to start the induction. On Wednesday morning, I was sick of the hospital, sick of pitocin all day long and still no baby! Finally I was starting to make progress and my water broke around 9am on the 25th. At 1pm, I was fully dilated and started pushing. About 5pm, my body started giving up and I had nothing else to give.

The last thing I remember is sitting up to do one last push and I woke up in the operating room being prepped for an emergency c-section. Tyler Ethan was born at 5:37pm weighing in at 8lbs 12oz and 22”.


I don’t remember much about the next day, I was in bad shape and was dangerously close to needing to be placed in the ICU and having a blood transfusion. I spent another 4 days in the hospital before being healthy enough to go home. Thankfully everything healed as it should, but I was on blood pressure medication for almost a year until it stabalized again.




Happy 9th Birthday Tyler, I love you!!!


32 by 32

Today I turn 31. In honor of my birthday, I have come up with 32 things I want to do before turning 32.

  1. Train for and run a 5K
  2. Train for and run a 10K
  3. Train for and run a half marathon
  4. Train for and run a marathon
  5. Build up my blog and make it the best it can be
  6. Read 32 books
  7. Reach my happy weight
  8. Complete a 90 day round of P90X
  9. Complete a 90 day round of ChaLEAN Extreme
  10. Complete a round (can’t remember how long it is) of Turbo Fire
  11. Become better organized with my home
  12. Start yoga
  13. Attend a blog conference
  14. Attend a fitness convention
  15. Learn how to better use my camera
  16. Work on family relationships
  17. Buy a new lens for my camera
  18. Work on friendships
  19. Work on myself
  20. Go to new restaurants
  21. Order something new every time we go out to eat
  22. Climb the sand dunes at Silver Lake Sand Dunes
  23. Climb the giant sand dunes at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes
  24. Stop talking about selling photos and actually do it
  25. Print some of my own pictures to hang in the house
  26. Get caught up on family scrapbooks
  27. Start a garden
  28. Can vegetables and possibly fruits from my garden
  29. Organize a Michigan blogger meet up
  30. Meet more blogger friends
  31. Learn how to take a compliment
  32. Be the best wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter I can be!!!