Home Away From Home

I can’t believe summer vacation is so close to being over, we are on our second to last camping trip and it feels like the season just started. Since I didn’t take any food pictures today, I thought I would share a little bit of our home away from home.

Bunkbeds in the back. There is another set of bunkbeds on the other wall, and then a closet in the middle.

Looking from the back room towards the front of the trailer is the main living space. It has a table, couch, kitchen and a bathroom.

This is looking from the door towards the back of the trailer.

Up the stairs is my mom’s room and another bathroom, that one has a shower.

And that’s it. We got here, unpacked and then headed to the pool before the sunset. This book is so disturbing, but I can’t put it down.


Stroganoff, Slaw, Surprise

When I was pregnant with my current youngest, I filled out all of the necessary paperwork to have my tubes tied during the c-section. When it came to the day of him being born, I had to sign to authorize the c-section and another authorization for the tubal. I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t 100% we were done having kids, I was only 27 and I chickened out. After my Dad died, I told everyone we were done. I couldn’t imagine bringing another child into the world without having my Dad around. But in the last year, I have been thinking maybe we aren’t done. Spence and I have done a lot of talking about this subject and surprise! We are saying bye bye to birth control and going for our 4th and final child. Our plan right now is not to do any charting, doctor intervention or anything like that – thankfully none of that was necessary for our other children. We are just going to see what happens. I did pick up some pre-natal vitamins and am following certain guide lines I found on www.babyfit.com for women who are trying to conceive. I can’t believe I’m typing all of this out, I never thought we would be going down this road again!!


Moving on, let’s back up to breakfast.


Nothing special, a plain toasted bagel with crunchy peanut butter and a sliced banana.


It’s amazing that as the weight comes off, I fill up so much quicker. 6 months ago, this would have been like an appetizer and I would have been starving 20 minutes later, today it filled me up for a few hours.


Dinner tonight was an old family favorite: beef stroganoff. I had the beef cooking in the crock pot all day and it was delicious. I’ve never made it in the crock pot before, but I will from now on.


And a pile of roasted broccoli slaw on the side. Seriously, I eat too many bags of this a week, but I freaking love it!


I ended up mixing all of it together, for one delicious mix of flavors. Come to mama.



Last night I was cooking dinner when my daughter yelled MOOOOMMMMMM, come here quick!!!!!! I ran to the toy room and saw a sagging ceiling with water dripping. Yay. I called my husband who thankfully was able to leave work ASAP and come figure out what was going on. My uncle also came over and patched the roof as best he could while the husband ripped out the wet drywall.


Since the rain is going to continue for today and tomorrow, the actual roof repair can’t happen until Sunday. Until then, we have it patched and some tarps down just in case.


It’s been raining most of the morning and so far, so good. A drop falls about once every 5 minutes or so, just keeping my fingers crossed nothing else happens and the repair goes smoothly.


See that little wet spot? That’s the tiny little leak that caused so much damage!!!

Moving on, I tried bringing eggs back today for breakfast. I use the term loosely. I couldn’t finish this plate without gagging. I think I’m done with eggs for awhile.


Feels Like Fall

After the insanely hot and dry summer we have been having this year, you will never hear me complain about cold temps again. This was not a good year for the air conditioning to go out in the van, we have not been driving much because none of us feel like melting as we drive. Once temps get over 80, I start getting hot and cranky…me and intense heat do not go well together.

But today, today is like a breath of fresh air. The air conditioner is turned off, windows are open and it’s 64 degrees outside…with a high of 70 predicted. Oh, thank goodness. It’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow and I am loving every minute of it.

I started this morning off with a bowl of cheerios and sliced bananas.


No chia seeds, no nut butters, no fancy milk. Just straight up cereal from my childhood. Not saying there is anything wrong with adding a bunch of stuff to cereal, but as much as I tried liking cereal like that, it wasn’t me.


Perfect start to a perfect day!


Roasted to Perfection


For the past few weeks, we have done way too much eating out. While it’s been fun and everyone likes staying out late, school is starting in 3.5 weeks which means it’s time for dinners at home and getting back on a school routine. I’m really not sure the last time we had dinner at home, but I made a menu for this week and so far, we are actually sticking to it. Yes, I realize it’s only Wednesday.

Ever since I spotted roasted broccoli slaw on Stuft Mama’s blog, I’ve been in love. I accidentally picked up a package of rainbow salad instead of broccoli slaw and I think it might be better. It has bigger chunks of broccoli in it instead of just shredded broccoli.


After I took these pictures of dinner, I mixed all of it together for one delicious pile of goodness. Flavor in every bite.


4th of July Weekend {2012}


This is the same little boy who was scared to step off the bottom step in the pool on Memorial Day


Who now swims like a “dolphin fish.” His description.


Like the majority of the country, the sand dunes were hot and cripsy this past week. Thankfully, sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan was about 20 degrees cooler and we had a constant breeze…as you can imagine, most of the week was spent at the beach.


Trying to perfect backbends and handstands was a lot of fun too.


And completely exhausted by the end of the day. We got back on Saturday evening and I’ve spent most of the day doing laundry and sweeping up piles of never ending sand!


In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be back to afternoon sand naps! Until then, it’s back to laundry…

Still Kinda Struggling

Thank you all so much for your kind words last Monday. I swear, it must be some Monday funk or depression. How does the song go (I’m totally dating myself here)? “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down”? I received a couple of comments before it was time to go running. One of them really stuck with me and that was that it sounded like I had already talked myself out of running. I HAD. I totally had just justified my excuse. The bottom line is excuses are not going to get me across the finish line for my marathon.
This week is already going to be insane and is going to require a huge amount of juggling on my part to get my 4 runs in. I should have gone today at lunch, but I am lame. I forgot my socks and the socks I wear for work always fall down in my shoes and then I get really bad blisters. We just joined the YMCA last week and I really like the gym, so I figured I would go there later tonight and use the treadmill. I completely forgot that I have this stupid work meeting tonight. I think I will go home, make some pancakes for the kids and husband, go the meeting, and then go to the gym. My husband will be mad but it must be done. Tomorrow, I am supposed to run 4 miles and I’m not sure when I will find time to squeeze that in. Son gets out of school early, he has a doctor’s appointment, husband has something tomorrow night….yeah. I may just have to take advantage of the free child care at the Y so I can use the treadmill again. Wednesday I will run at lunch, no problem. Friday is another problem. I can’t leave my step-daughter and my son home alone together as they do not get along…but both of them belong to the Y as well. I think I will just take both of them with me. Yes. That will be great. See why I love blogging? Problem solving for me and entertaining rambling for you.

Last week started out slow as far as motivation goes, but I finished the week strong. Monday I did end up running 3 miles on the treadmill, Tuesday I ran 3 miles around the lake, Wednesday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill, and Saturday morning I ran twice around the lake (6 miles) plus a little more (1 mile and some change). My mileage for the week was 16.34. I also did the elliptical for 45 minutes as well last Thursday. I really, really, really need to start using My Fitness Pal again. I’m Teepers1 if anyone uses the app and wants to add me. When I track my calories I feel so much better.

The weekend was not as bad as past weekends as far as food intake. It definitely left a lot to be desired but it was a mild improvement for me. Today hasn’t been horrible but hasn’t been fantastic. I have been drinking some water…and a little DC too. I’m wondering if taking some pictures of what I eat will help me get my portions under control. I will think about it.

I also really need to get my stress under control. We are undergoing a “hostile takeover” situation at work. I don’t know if I am going to have a job when said “takeover” is done. The job market for nurses (new grad nurses) is horrid. I actually graduated 2 years ago but stayed in my current position as a nurse. I hope to work in a hospital. Since I have no acute care experience, I have to do a new grad training course. Those positions are few and far between. A girl can hope…and try to make it happen. I still have 3 months to figure everything out. I am really hoping that things fall into place for me. I’ve worked at my job for 12 years. In addition to those 12 years, I have 6 additional years in other medical offices. I know I can do the job, I’m just not sure if that’s what I really want to do. My heart is in labor and delivery, mother baby, OB, and infertility.