Beat the heat

Only 1 more day of this insane heat wave. 1 more day. While we do have central air and I’m INSANELY grateful for that, it’s not the most powerful air conditioner in the world and when it’s closing in on 100 like it has been this week, it struggles to keep the house at 75. While most spend the winter complaining and waiting/dreaming for spring and summer, I’m the opposite and have a countdown to Fall…it can’t come soon enough!!! 

So, what’s a girl to do? Try and make the most out of it. Next week when we are camping, I will be enjoying the beaches of Lake Michigan, but thankfully it will be 20 degrees cooler than it has been this week. Today was really humid and jungle like, I had this smoothie for breakfast and lunch, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow.

Strawberry/Banana Protein Smoothie

* 6-8 ice cubes
*Frozen banana ( 1 sliced)
* Frozen strawberries (handful)
* 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
* 1 cup Vanilla Almond Coconut milk

$30 spent on a kiddie pool- priceless. They absolutely LOVE this pool and it was well worth the money. We’re hoping to spend a little more next summer and buy a bigger one. 


Beach Time

It’s been an emotional and exhausting weekend, and we left this morning for the rest of the week. Our little family needs this time for bonding, relaxing and just getting away for a few days. Last year this week it was over 100 degrees almost every day, high humidity and I felt like I was going to melt just walking outside. For anyone who knows me, it was torture. I’m not a summer girl, and when it’s disgustingly hot, I really hate it. 

I’m so dang happy that the highs this week are low 70’s and the best part is that it’s going to be cool at night. Yay for campfires!!

It’s raining tonight and possibly tomorrow, but Thursday and Friday will be perfection and I fully intend on spending as much of those days on the sand.

We suffered a loss in our Church family on Friday. The funeral was yesterday and the whole weekend was a pretty big whirlwind. Things like this always send me into a time of reflecting and going to the viewing at the same funeral home my Dad was at was almost unbearable. I couldn’t believe the RUSH of feelings and memories that surfaced the second I walked in those doors. 

Parents should never have to bury a child and my heart is breaking for this family. Please hug your own families a little tighter tonight. 

Marvelous in My Monday {3}

Are you read for another edition of MIMM? Thanks to the awesome Katie for hosting!

1.  Weigh in Day!

Last Week: 188.4

Today: 187.8

Not a huge loss, but the scale is still going down and it makes me insanely happy!

2. Turbo Fire 

I started this on Saturday and so far, SO AWESOME! I’m doing the Prep Schedule which is 9 weeks long and then I’ll do the 12 week schedule and then order the advanced DVD’s.

3. Trader Joe’s

I typically don’t go during the summer because my two oldest despise grocery shopping with me, so we go to one store and as quick as possible. When it’s just me and the sidekick, he loves shopping with me! My new find today

If you haven’t tried these, just do it. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they are gone. I took them to the soccer game and our whole family devoured this bag. I almost want to go back tomorrow for more.

I promised my husband I would only get a picture of his hand :0 He’s blog shy…

4. Halloween Costumes

I’m still working on the costumes for Tyler and Karlie, but Aiden has had his heart on Spiderman. Done.

Cutest spiderman ever. Right?

He loves his “giant man muscles.”

5. Marvelous Dinner

Bowtie noodles, alfredo sauce, roasted broccoli.

Hello, lover. Best idea I’ve had for dinner in a long time.

And, that’s it! I hope your Monday was marvelous!!

What I Ate Wednesday {10}

I really don’t know what number I’m on, but last time I believe was #9, so I’m going with it.

WIAW #10


Egg sandwich and strawberries.

For awhile eggs were starting to make me gag, I think I just ate them way too often, they are now tasting better than ever.


Needed something quick and easy so I had some Lean Cuisine Chicken Spring Rolls, cucumber slices and more strawberries.

On the way to the school to pick up the nuggets, I had an apple (first honeycrisp of the season and it was AWESOME!) Dinner had to be quick tonight so we could get to the soccer fields for warm up and a game. We had cheese quesadillas and refried beans. Not the healthiest meal, but way better (and cheaper) than stopping somewhere on the way or on the way home.

Definitely not  the prettiest thing to look at either!! I took a million pictures of Tyler’s soccer games from Monday and tonight, so I made my favorites into a collage. His team is 2-0 so far and they are all doing so well.

And that concludes this edition of WIAW! Thanks for hosting Jenn!!

Marvelous in My Monday {2}


I missed this link up last week, but I’ve got a good one today! Thanks for hosting Katie!

As of this morning, I am at a 31.6 weight loss and I have hit my first goal for myself! When my Dad died, I was at 190 pounds and over the past 2 years, I put on 30 pounds. My first goal was to get back to 190.

This morning I weighed in at 188.4 pounds.

For the past 2, maybe even longer, I have watched a stack of jeans that no longer fit get higher and higher, this afternoon I picked up a pair and guess what?! THEY FIT! That is the first time I’ve worn jeans in 2+ years!! Here is a comparison picture, the picture on the left was taken in May. That black skirt I’m wearing is way too big on me, it just falls right off.

I still have a ways to go, but I now have the confidence that I CAN do this!!!!

Next on this marvelous Monday was my Tyler’s very first soccer game;

My Mom, brothers and families, my SIL and her kids were all there and Tyler loved it! We all had a blast cheering him on and enjoying an evening together.

Cute little cousins.

And that concludes this Marvelous in My Monday! Have a great rest of the day!!


First Soccer Practice

Tyler wanted to play soccer this Fall, and when we signed him up in June, he thought it would be forever before the season was going to start.

When the coach called the other day, I thought he was going to jump out of his skin he was excited!

They had a practice tonight, tomorrow is soccer fun night and the first game is Monday night.

He can’t wait! When we got out to the car after practice, he said “how long was that?” I told him an hour and he said “No way! It was so much fun, it felt like 10 minutes!!!”

Let’s hope that enthusiasm lasts all season long!

He is so wiped out tonight, came home and went straight to the shower and is asking to go to bed. Yay soccer!

First Day of School {2nd and 5th Grade}

I don’t know how it happened, but my kids grew up.

They are turning into little self-sufficient humans instead of the babies that needed me 24 hours a day.

Another year begins and for my oldest it’s his last year in elementary school.

And for the youngest one, it’s his last year at home.

Here’s to a fabulous year!