Getting Back

I want to print this and hang it in the garage (my current gym)




After my other babies, I have waited way too long to get back to normal workouts and eating. I used the ” I just had a baby and a csection” excuse for at least a year with each of them. This time, I can’t. I was diagnosed as a Diabetic back in October, so my life literally depends on me watching what I eat and working out. In October, they told me it was Type 1, but because I was pregnant, there is a small chance that test was wrong and I could be Type 2, the test has to be done again after 6 months post partum, so I will have it done again in November when I go back. While I don’t want either type of Diabetes, if it’s Type 2, at least I have a chance to make it disappear and not need any insulin or medication. That is motivation in and of itself. When I was pregnant, I had to give myself 8-10 shots a day and check my blood sugar 8-10 times a day as well, I do not ever want to go back to that.

This morning after Emma woke up, and was fed and dressed and the other 3 were occupied, I put Emma in her puppy seat and got to work.

I have been collecting a notebook full of workouts I want to do and I’m strangely excited to get to all of them! This one I did today took me about 20 minutes and while my abs hated every second, I did it. All of it. Since I’m recovering from my 4th csection 4 months ago, I only did this through once.

The other issue I need to work on is water. I know how horrible it is for me, but I looooovvvve Diet Coke…but I need the water. I only drank one of these today, but it’s more water in a day than I’ve had in probably a month.

It felt so good to sweat again, I finally feel like the old Jen is coming back!



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