Turbo Fire and other exercise randoms

Once upon a time, I loved my Turbo Fire workouts and looked forward to them. Then, I got pregnant and decided growing a healthy human was more important and now here we are, said tiny human is nearly 4 months old and I’m the blob on the couch. Again.

I keep telling myself every day that today is the day I start working out…ugh, still hasn’t happened. My latest excuse: I already showered once, I don’t want to shower again. Lame? Yes. The only way to combat that? No shower until I workout. Emma has this golden couple of hours in the morning where she is awake, happy and content to play with the older kids or in her exersaucer. I’ve decided that this will be my time to grab a quick workout and take a shower.

Wish me luck, this will be me tomorrow.


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