Thinking Out Loud

It’s Thursday?! This week is going by crazy fast, no? Since I don’t really have a post for today, it’s the perfect day random thoughts, brought to you by Thinking Out Loud, courtesy of Running with Spoons.

1. Losing weight is hard. Losing weight with a newborn and 3 kids on summer vacation. Crazy hard. Thankfully, $$$ is always a motivating factor for me, so I’m happy this challenge is starting tomorrow. Want in? Send me an email tonight!

2. How is this little nugget over 3 months old already?

3. Fall in July is my new favorite. It was 60 degrees the last few days and it was glorious

4. Starting Turbo Fire tomorrow. Scared, but so excited!

Sounds like nap time is ending for baby girl, so I need to end this. Want more random thoughts? Head over to the link party at Running with Spoons. 


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