Emma {3 Months}

Moms can relate to this, when you are pregnant; 3 months feels like a lifetime…but once the baby is born, 3 months feels like the blink of an eye.

At 3 months, Emma is starting to turn a corner and has become the world’s easiest baby. I seriously can’t complain. She sleeps like a champion at night and during the day she’s also doing better. After 2 hours exactly of being awake, she is ready for a pacifier, wrapped in a blanket and someone to rock her. She’s asleep in moments.

Emma is not a fan of laying flat on her back, if she’s awake, she wants to be sitting up either on someone or propped up on her boppy. She is getting better at tummy time and rolled herself over last night.

Bathtime continues to be the highlight of her day, she lights up immediately once she’s in the tub and kicks and splashes the whole time.

Cloth diapering is going way better than I expected and I find myself wanting to buy ALLLL the diapers!! She is still in some NB diapers, but the one size diapers are fitting her as well.

Clothing size: Almost out of 3-6 month already, so I am in the process of washing and folding her 6-9 month clothes.

Not sure of her weight or length, her next check up isn’t until next month. She is just so sweet and we love her more and more every single day!



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