Body After Baby

3 months when you’re pregnant seems like 3 years. 3 months after baby is here, seems like 3 days! Baby Emma will be 3 months next week, SO hard to believe!!!


After weighing myself yesterday, the time has come to get my booty in gear. I have done this before, I can do it again…starting is the hardest part.

As part of a new series, today is the first installment of Body After Baby. I want to show other moms; whether it’s their first, second, fourth or tenth that it can be done. You don’t have to spend hours in a gym, every little bit counts. For this month, I’m doing the #zestyjuly challenge and taking walks with my 4 kids. But the biggest struggle is going to be in the kitchen. It’s time to dust off my cookbooks, put away the take out menus and start cooking again.

Here we go:

Starting weight: 199.6 I don’t have a goal weight yet, but I will be weighing myself weekly to keep myself accountable.




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