Emma {2 Months}

Looking back at the few pictures I took over the last month, it’s sad 😦 I was so consumed with trying to do everything right, wondering what I was doing wrong that I didn’t really focus on anything positive or even take more than 10 pictures the whole month. Now that she’s 2.5 months (this post is long overdue), I’m starting to find my groove again. She is by far and away the hardest newborn that I’ve had, but I’m learning different things about her and it’s getting easier to figure out.

1. After being awake for 1.5 hours, she starts getting tired, if I wrap her in a blanket with a pacifier and rock her, she’ll be asleep in less than 5 minutes.

2. Naps that occur 1.5 hours after eating = short (30 minute) naps. This is usually her mid-morning nap.

3. Napping in the afternoon is getting a little longer.

4. Homegirl is a champion night time sleeper. She typically sleeps 8-10 hours, wakes for a bottle between 5-6am and then goes right back to sleep for another 3 hours.

5. Sometimes all she wants is to lay on a blanket and chill.

6. She LOVES the Ergo! I can walk all day long or do anything, as long as she’s in the Ergo.

So at 2 months: 

Diapers: cloth during the day, disposable at night

Clothing: 3-6 months


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