Emma’s Blessing Day

In our Church, babies aren’t baptized, but they are blessed and it’s a big deal. My Mother In Law made Emma’s dress and Karlie’s dress as well. Both have been passed around in the family, but they are the same pattern, so it really doesn’t matter who wore which one when.

Aiden and Karlie had stayed the night with the husband’s parents the night before so I don’t have any pictures of all of us before Church, but Tyler had fun playing photographer and the Husband and I were able to get a couple with Emma as well.

After Church all I wanted was one family picture. Four kids, two who were exhausted meant that a “good” family picture wasn’t going to happen…but this one. I love it. It shows that families aren’t perfect, it’s getting framed and displayed in the house for all to see.

Later that afternoon we invited a few families over to our house for a BBQ. We ended up with way too much food, but it was a fun day that we’ll look back on with great memories.


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