Thinking Out Loud

It’s been so long since my last thinking out loud, I’m pretty sure it was the week before Emma was born, so almost two months ago!!

1. I wish Emma knew how awesome naptime could be. Some days she’ll nap like a champion and I can actually get some things done (like today…) other days she barely will sleep for 20 minutes and I feel like tearing my hair out all day long (like yesterday…)

2. Since it’s been so long since I participated, that warrants an Emma picture so everyone can “meet” her.

Ok, two pictures, here’s her birth announcement.

3. I’m trying to get my body back after baby. As of Monday, I’m under my pre-pregnancy weight, but I have about 30lbs I want to lose to get to my happy weight. There is a group of us who just had babies in April trying to do the same thing. #safetyinnumbers

4. Between pregnancy and then breastfeeding for 6 weeks, this has been out of my life since last August. No baby in me, no baby feeding from me = welcome back, lover. I have missed you.

5. My kids reminded me this morning that school is almost out for Summer vacation! It feels like the school year just started, but next week is June and they are out on the 10th.

That’s all I’ve got for today! Want to read more random Thinking Out Loud thoughts? Head on over to Running with Spoons for more!!



3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Awww what a darling! I LOVE the name Emma and have my mind set on “Emma Rose” for a daughters name if I ever have one. It’s so feminine and soft! Hope you’re holding up well- I can’t imagine how busy you must be.

  2. Omigoodness your baby girl is so precious… and I’m loving her Finding Nemo blanket 😀 I honestly don’t even want to think about what life would be like with a newborn — I’d probably be bald from pulling my hair out 😆 Mommas always have my utmost respect.

  3. Ah she’s precious!! My Emma is the same way.. today she had a wonderful 3 hour nap right in the middle of the day and was in a good mood all day, but the last few days before that she only slept tiny bits at a time and cried ALL day. Oh the joys of motherhood ; p

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