7 Weeks

Hard to believe that she’s almost 2 months old and then I’ll be doing monthly updates instead of weekly (until her first birthday and then just yearly like I do for my older kids.) At 7 weeks old, she’s officially off breastfeeding and 100% formula fed. There are a multitude of reasons for this, but none of them are reasons that I feel I need to defend or justify.

She is sleeping 7-9 hours straight at night and still just cat napping 30-60 minutes during the day.

She is still wearing NB diapers, but the next box I buy will be size 1’s and clothing size is NB and 0-3 months.

Absolute favorite time of the day remains as bath time!

Things are starting to normalize around here, not easy by any means as it’s been 6+ years since we’ve had a newborn, but it’s all coming back to us.



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