6 Weeks

The first 6 weeks of little Miss Emma’s life have been some what difficult. She is a bit…temperamental and while night time sleep has been going well, day time sleep has been a struggle from the start. Typically a nap is 30 minutes and she is just fussy and cranky all day long. But, it seems we “may” have turned a corner. Yesterday was a really good day and I can only hope more days like that are on the horizon!! She took 3 great naps, played on her activity mat (normally she lays there and SCREAMS like she’s being slaughtered) and she was just laid back and relaxed through the evening.

She doesn’t go to the Ped for another two weeks for her two month check up, so I don’t have any weight or height stats, but at 6 weeks old:

  • Diapers ~ Newborn
  • Clothing ~ She can still wear a few NB onesies, but is pretty much in 0-3 month size now and they are just starting to fit her.

Her favorite time of day: Bath time! This girl loves her bath! She lays there and just completely relaxes. Even after her bath time, she’ll just lay on the changing table and look around taking it all in. After bath, she has a nursing session and goes down for her long stretch of sleep for the night.

My fingers are crossed that we are on the path to more days like yesterday!!


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