Weeks 1-3

I forgot how much of a cluster you know what having a newborn is! Things are still so out of routine, it’s crazy, but I know eventually we’ll be into a new routine and all will be good again. For now, we literally take things day by day.

The husband was able to take off two weeks from work and it was a life saver. I honestly don’t know how I would have survived or kids would have got to and from school if that didn’t happen.

While he was home, I did nothing but recover from the c-section, feed the baby and try and sleep whenever she was sleeping. Not as easy as it sounds.

So what’s been happening the last few weeks? A few doctor’s appointments, I went to the OB a week after delivery to get my stitches removed. It was a bitter sweet appointment. I had a tubal during the c-section, so my uterus has officially been retired. 4 healthy babies in 11 years, it did it’s job well 😉

Emma had her 1 week and 2 week ped’s check up. She was 6lbs 1oz when we left the hospital, 6lbs 4oz at 1 week and the goal was to get her back to her birth weight (6lbs 11oz) by her two week check up. At that appointment she was 7lbs 5oz…yay for breastmilk! All of those feeding frenzies suddenly made sense!

The first two weeks were hell. She didn’t want to sleep unless someone was holding her, wanted to be fed constantly if I was holding her and I seriously didn’t think we were going to make it. Not sure what has changed over the last few days, but she’s like a different baby. She’s sleeping longer at night, goes right into her Rock ‘n Play for naps and nighttime sleep without any issue and if she’s not being fed, she’s happy laying in her swing, the bouncer or her play mat.


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