38 Weeks

Believe me when I say I am thankful that baby is thriving and apparently very happy to still be on the inside….but I am beyond ready to meet her! Every previous pregnancy of mine has been over for about 2 weeks by this point, so it’s unfamiliar (NOT FUN!) territory to still be pregnant now. I’m currently 38 weeks, 2 days and the end is near. I can officially say the c-section is NEXT WEEK! YAY!

Last week was a pretty eventful week, my blood sugars went a little crazy on Monday and would not come down from the 300 mark (typically I run around 80-90) and even scarier than that, the baby wasn’t moving. We spent about 4 hours in Labor & Delivery being monitored and then finally my blood sugars went down, baby started moving and we got to go home. Then at my non stress test on wednesday, my blood pressure was elevated and they only let me leave because I had an OB appointment right after that. When I got to my OB’s office, my pressure was still high and since I have a  history of pre-eclampsia, he ran some blood work and scheduled yet another appointment for two days later. Friday morning everything looked great, blood sugars were back down to normal, blood pressure was actually on the low side and baby was happy as can be on the inside.

I had another NST Saturday morning and have one more on Wednesday and my final OB appointment is on Friday morning.

My kids are on Spring Break this week, unfortunately we have to stick close to home, so I’m trying to plan at least one thing for every day so they aren’t completely bored all week. My oldest left with his other grandparents last night to spend the week in Chicago with them, I know he’ll be having a blast this week!

I had the husband take pictures yesterday, he said “give me the ugh, I’m done and huge pose.” Done.

18 weeks, 28 weeks and 38 weeks. Please come out pumpkin, we can’t wait to meet you! Should you decide you don’t want to follow the light, we will see you bright and early next Tuesday morning in the OR.



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