An Evening in Labor & Delivery

…and it’s finally April!

2 weeks from now, I should be holding a sweet little girl in my arms!

I am thankful for good nurses and Dr’s this morning! Yesterday afternoon, I had high blood sugar, and normally if I give myself a correction dose of insulin, it drops pretty quickly, but it wasn’t. After the 2nd correction dose and an afternoon of close to 0 baby movement, I called my OB and he said because of the decreased fetal movement, he would meet me in L&D. One of my favorite nurses was there and when I walked in, she knew something was wrong and took me straight back, as she was asking what was happening, I couldn’t hold back and just started crying. She hooked me up to the monitors and as soon as she found the heartbeat she said – see, she’s fine, now, let’s get you calmed down. About an hour and a half after my last correction dose, my sugars were still 180 and my blood pressure was in the 140 / 90’s. At that point, they told me to get comfortable, they were going to admit me for the night for observation. Then my OB arrived and he watched baby for awhile – who still wasn’t very active, but at least was having a picture perfect NST- heart rate was reactive and there were plenty of accelerations, so we knew baby was fine. About 9:00, they checked my sugar again and it was down to 135 and my blood pressure was back to normal, so he decided to let me go home. I have an NST Wed morning and then have to go to my OB’s office right after that. My fasting sugar this morning was 102, so it’s still pretty high, I emailed my Endocrinologist and he wants me to send my after meal #’s to him through out the day and we’ll see if yesterday was a fluke or if my medication needs to be adjusted again. 

I’m attempting to get the house cleaned and caught up on laundry and dishes today which means I need to remove myself from this comfortable chair and get up and be productive. Have a great day, hopefully no one has mean pranks pulled on them!


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