Indoor Grilling

While we are still waiting on Spring-like temps to arrive here in Michigan, it doesn’t stop the husband and I from wanting some grilled foods. We went to Sam’s Club last weekend and stocked up on steaks, chicken and other grillable foods and I was craving some steak hardcore last night. Pregnancy cravings should never be ignored.

The husband’s (sorry, I’ve promised him I won’t use his real name on the blog…) 5 year anniversary for his company was last year and in December they gave him a catalog of presents to choose from. He went with the Cuisinart Griddler. Up until yesterday we have been using it to make pancakes, french toast, paninis and other sandwiches, but last night I tried out some steaks.

For these steaks- I went simple. Salt, pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

They turned out perfect. Never would have known they were cooked inside instead of the big grill that’s currently buried in snow…

And with plenty of leftovers, I know what I’ll be having for lunches the rest of the week! Steak has been my biggest craving this entire pregnancy. Come.To.Mama.


4 thoughts on “Indoor Grilling

  1. I recently got my boyfriend a panini press for his birthday and he LOVES to use it to grill steaks! They come out so juicy and you can’t even tell they weren’t made on a real grill.

    I love the touch of balsamic vinegar on the steaks. Might have to steal that trick from you!

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