Marvelous in My Monday

Good afternoon! I had an early morning OB appointment this morning, so as soon as I dropped off the little kids at school, I had just enough time to make it there.

It’s time for another installment of Marvelous in My Monday, hosted by Katie at Healthy Diva Life. 

Marvelous is… That as much as I’m ready for this baby to be born, she is not. Cervix is still closed and my OB said he will actually be surprised if I even go into labor this time. Low blood pressure, low blood sugar and a smaller baby = happy baby. 3 weeks from tomorrow, we will be meeting this little girl and I can’t wait!

Also, as of today, this is my longest pregnancy ever.

Marvelous is…Waffles with peanut butter and bananas. One of the greatest combos of all time.

Marvelous is... this new car seat. Apparently, math is hard. I didn’t realize the car seat we were going to use already expired and while I’m laid back about most things, car seat safety is not one of those things, so we made our final baby purchase this weekend. Whenever she arrives, we are ready.

Marvelous is…my lunch today. The Spicy BMT – extra pickles and olives for the win.

And now i’m off to get some stuff done around the house before everyone gets home from school. Have a great day!





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