34 Weeks

It seems like I was just posting about being pregnant, and now we’re in the final stretch. The c-section is 34 days from today! Seems crazy that it will be here so soon. Some days feel like it’s never going to end, but it will be my turn soon and if this child follows the same pattern as her older brother and sister, we could be meeting her in a week or so. Not gonna lie, that freaks me out. But, after my appointment on Monday, I really don’t think that’s a possibility this time, this may be the first pregnancy I make it full term.

On Monday I went for a growth ultrasound and OB appointment. With every other pregnancy, while I didn’t have gestational diabetes or full blown diabetes like I do now, they were always measuring big and even being a month early were over 8lbs. This little girl, is currently “guesstimated” to be around 4lbs. If I make it to the c-section date (April 15) and she puts on the average of 1/2 a pound per week, that will put her at my smallest baby ever, between 6-7lbs.

So we are now in the final stretch. I’m excited, nervous, scared, all at the same time!

24-34 Weeks

14-24-34 Weeks


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