What I Ate Wednesday

…I have no idea what number I’m on.

In an attempt to get on a better blogging schedule, I’m using pictures from the previous day and hopefully I can get posts up before Noon. It’s almost 2pm, but whatever.


Tuesdays and Fridays I have to be at the hospital at 9am for Non Stress Tests, so I have to eat before I take everyone to school and leave straight from the parking lot. Since I’m trying to get two kids out the door as well, my breakfasts are quick and filling. Yesterday I had oatmeal topped with sugar free rapsberry jam.

After I left the hospital I had a few errands to run and my sugar was a little low, thankfully I had thrown this in my purse before I left. This might be my new favorite flavor!

There is this little grocery store close to our house that makes the most incredible sandwiches and salads, the craving hit and I knew if I didn’t stop to get a sandwich for lunch, it would haunt me.


Roasted Turkey on sourdough.


I’m trying to do a little more cooking and getting vegetables into these kids (and myself) lately, instead of just throwing something together or getting take out. Last night was nothing spectacular, but at least vegetables were involved.

Roasted broccoli for the win

I was pretty excited to have a tiny bit of natural light to get a decent dinner picture!!

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