Dear 11 Week Pregnant Jen

I have been doing a lot of reflecting on this pregnancy, and it’s very bittersweet. We truly thought my youngest (who is now 6) would be the last one. In fact, if I would have found out I was pregnant even 6 months before I found out, I would have been SO angry and miserable, but timing is everything. Now that I’m entering the final weeks, physically I’m done, but I really will miss being pregnant and knowing I’ll never be doing this again hurts a little when I think about it. So, here’s a note to a newly pregnant me.

Dear 11 week Jen,

Today will be an emotional day for you. Right now you are on your way to the OB’s office and in your mind, you are preparing for a D&C to happen later this week. You believe (and so does your OB) that you miscarried 3 weeks ago, but for some reason your levels won’t go down and you will need the D&C to complete the miscarriage. But, guess what? You never miscarried. You are about to lay on that table and start crying big, giant, ugly cry tears because you are still very pregnant. You are about to find out that you are just over 11 weeks pregnant.



There is no medical reason how or why you are pregnant, but you are. Remember these feelings because this is going to be the hardest pregnancy of them all. You’re also about to find out that you’re a Diabetic and will be starting insulin injections in 2 days. You are going to cry, be angry, but determined that you will deliver a healthy baby and carry him/her as long as possible.

In November, you are going to have an intense anatomy scan done at the hospital to make sure everything is developing well and the Diabetes isn’t affecting the baby. Once again, your baby will defy all odds and prove that SHE is one heck of a fighter.



You are now 33 weeks pregnant, your c-section is scheduled for April 15th and while she may arrive earlier than that, the end is near and soon that sweet little miracle will be in your arms.


33 Week Pregnant Jen


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