33 Week OB Appointment

This is how I”m feeling about everything right now. So much to do, so little time to get it all done.

This was probably the quickest appointment of this whole pregnancy. NO complaints, I love routine, short appointments, it means everything is going as it should! My blood pressure has been notoriously high for my last 3 pregnancies, by this point with all of them, I was on medication and closely monitored. Today, my BP was 110/76. At least something is going my way!!

My blood sugars are still spiking, but because I’m not spilling glucose into my urine and my A1C levels keep dropping, they aren’t terribly concerned. I have an ultrasound next Monday to check on growth, to make sure baby isn’t growing too big or too small.

And then, he scheduled my c-section!! There is the chance that I will go into labor early since I have a history of that, but only time will tell. In case that doesn’t happen, she will be here on April 15th.

I really have tried to cherish this pregnancy, but I’m done. So very done. I want to meet her, I want to get my body back and I want to stop living in fear over what my blood sugars are doing every day to someone other than myself.


2 thoughts on “33 Week OB Appointment

  1. That sounds really rough. I feel for you, not being able to have control over your own body. That would make me crazy. Well at least you’ve got the C section scheduled so there is an end day in sight….plus a pretty sweet prize at the end. 😉

    • Exactly! And this is it, the very last one. While it’s bittersweet that I’ll never experience this again, I’m excited for the next phase in our lives as parents as we watch them grow up 🙂

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