32 and 33 Weeks

I have spent the better part of this afternoon sorting through all of baby girl’s clothes and other gifts we have been given. In her dresser I put away all newborn and 0-3 month clothes and put the rest of the bigger sizes away until she’s ready to use them. I also started putting some things in the diaper bag for the hospital and I can’t believe just how close we are getting.

32 Weeks

The day I hit 32 weeks was the day of my brother in laws funeral. Obviously, hitting a milestone in this pregnancy was not a thought in my mind that day.

Nothing spectacular happened last week, I was sick with a cold and sore throat and spent most of the week taking kids to school and then coming home to the couch where I stayed until it was time to pick them up. Super exciting.

33 Weeks

I have an OB appointment on Monday morning where we will schedule my c-section officially…yay!! There’s a chance that this one will follow suit and come early like her brother and sister, but if not, it will be nice to have an end date. Because I’m a Diabetic, my OB wants the c-section done between 37-39 weeks, which means the countdown is officially on!

Aside from that appointment, I have a non stress test scheduled for Tuesday and Friday. While it’s slightly annoying to have to drive to the hospital for these twice a week, it’s so reassuring that her and I are well cared for and closely monitored.

That’s all I’ve got, still just trying to get comfortable to sleep at night, but I wind up waking up either to pee, my hips are sore or I’m getting the crap kicked out of me for being on the wrong side.



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