Five Things Friday {11}


1. I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the gifts people are sending for Emma. I can’t wait to start using these items and the clothes…ohhhhh the clothes! So cute!!

2. When I was diagnosed as a Diabetic, my Endocrinologist said that over time I would lose my intolerance to heat and my body temp would regulate. It’s official, I’m freezing and want some warmth.

3. If baby Emma follows the pattern of her older brother and sister, we could be welcoming her in a matter of 3 weeks.

4. How I have managed to make it almost 33 weeks without realizing I’m about to have 4(!!!) kids is beyond me, but it’s hitting me hard. They are going to let us take home another human being and we’ll be responsible for 4 children.

5. I hate when I get all excited for a meal, give myself the insulin and the entire meal is a disappointment.

How’s that for a completely random 5 things? It happens. Have a fantastic weekend!


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