Happy 6th Birthday Aiden

My little Groundhog baby is 6 today. I should not be looking through his baby pictures right now, because I can’t stop crying. #crazyhormones.

aiden sleeping 2


6 years ago, I was in active labor and home alone with 2 kids, because I foolishly sent my Husband to work that morning. About 4:00, I realized that the contractions weren’t stopping and it was time for help. I packed my bag and a bag for the kids and we went to my mom and dad’s house. As soon as we got there, I told my mom all I wanted to do was sit in a hot bath, which I did for about an hour.

hungry aiden


After that she told me it was time to get to the hospital.We called my Husband and told him to get there as soon as he could. We got there and as I was checking in, my water broke. They got me admitted and I was 8cm and 100% effaced. Since I had already had 2 previous c-sections, I knew that even though I dilated quickly, I would be pushing for hours and still need a c-section. The nurses got me some IV pain relief and prepped for the c-section and thankfully the husband made it in time!



Aiden was born at 8:58pm at 36 weeks and weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and was almost 22 inches long. Look at those cheeks!!!

Happy Birthday my “baby bear.” He is SO Excited to be a big brother and can’t wait to hold a little baby!!

tyler aiden karlie monday 5


I can’t believe he is 6 years old already. He started Kindergarten in September and he is loving it. He has the world’s greatest Kindergarten teacher and she loves them as much as they all adore her.



Tonight we are having his favorite meal for dinner (tacos) and cake (strawberry with a cream cheese frosting). Time to get ready for the party!!



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