27 Weeks

I think this is the first week that I’m actually really feeling the woes of pregnancy. It is WAY harder the 4th time and 12 years later. I’m old, I’m tired, I’m cranky, I’m gassy, everything hurts…that about sums it up. Yes, I’m whining, not sorry. I’m still feeling incredibly blessed to be this far along and we are both doing well, but I’m entitled to a little whining during the last trimester. It’s law.

I really don’t know what she’s doing in there all day long, but yesterday the rolls and kicks were so strong, I half expected an organ of mine to come shooting out my lady bits.

She definitely had a growth spurt this week, my shirts are starting to lift up now, they used to cover the bump ok. Also, not sorry, not buying anything else. Don’t care.

Other than the whining and being slightly uncomfortable, things are going great. My blood sugars are behaving, my blood pressure is still behaving and I’m beyond excited at those two things. While I may have some uncomfortable moments over the next couple of months, I know how fast it goes once they are here and while I’m insanely excited to meet her, I’m not ready yet!

Here’s a fun comparison- same shirt: 21 weeks vs 27 weeks.


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