Mini Update

Had a bit of a rough end to last week and the weekend. I don’t know what was happening- I’m assuming it was a growth spurt- but it was not fun. Friday night I could barely walk the pain was so bad and sleeping was ridiculous. Or rather, trying to sleep. I had to panda roll myself out of every position I was in and felt like crying most of the time. Thankfully by the time I woke up Monday I was out of pain, but after a weekend of not sleeping or doing much, I just kind of relaxed around the house during the afternoon and went to bed early last night.

In other news- I’m trying to figure out a better time to post. In the beginning, after dinner and after the kids were in bed made the most sense, but the 3rd trimester exhaustion is here and by the time everyone else is in bed, the last thing I want to do is get back on the computer. I would much rather read in bed or just go to sleep myself.

Before I end this post- got the cutest bit of fluff mail today. I saw this on Ebay and just wanted the shirt, but she threw in a cloth diaper as well, and I knew I had to have it! Got both for under $5. Score!!


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