25 Week Appointment

I typically post about my appointments in the weekly updates (if I have one that week), but changing things up and sharing my appointment in it’s very own post. Why not, right?

Everything is going great! I am averaging about a 1lb gain a week, I have no idea how much I have gained, I don’t look at the scale, the Dr. didn’t mention a number, just said I’m doing great. I worked SO hard getting a crap ton of weight off last year, I don’t even want to think about what the scale says at this point. I’ll worry about that AFTER she is born.

My blood pressure was normal and the uterus is measuring about 2 weeks ahead. Next appointment is in 4 weeks and I’ll have an ultrasound to check on growth. One of the biggest risks of being Diabetic is baby getting too big which can result in stillbirth, so I’ll be having ultrasounds every two weeks after that as well as non stress tests done in the hospital. Told me to still plan on an April 10th c-section date unless her health or mine is at risk.

It’s getting real. April 10th is not that far away. Guess I better finish this blanket…

I’m off to do some anti-snow day rituals now. I love my kids, but my gosh if school is cancelled again tomorrow, I may lose my ever loving mind.


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