Marvelous in My Monday {6}


My kids have been out of school since December 19, today was supposed to be their first day back, but it was a snow day and tomorrow has been cancelled as well. While it’s nice being able to sleep in and bum around these extra days, we all NEED the school routine back in place. Soon.

I realize I’m a freak when I say this, but I love cold weather, like would trade the heat of summer for the cold winter any time, any place. The final total for this storm we had the last two days topped at 15.5 inches. This is what we woke up to on Sunday morning and then it kept snowing more and more and more all day and into the night.

We made the best of it, by catching up on movies

Eating some delicious chicken noodle soup

Making my favorite cookies of all time {Russian Tea Cakes}

And cooking one heck of an amazing dinner {Bow tie noodles with garlic/asiago chicken sausage, all covered in alfredo sauce).

Now that the storm has passed over us, here is what we are left with. Thankfully one of our neighbors plowed the whole road so we can all get out if needed, but with temps bottoming out around -40 tonight, we are only leaving the house tomorrow if my OB’s office is open.

This is looking out our front door.

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One thought on “Marvelous in My Monday {6}

  1. When we had snow, our neighbors also plowed the roads for us and it was wonderful. Though we lived on top of a mountain and it was rough getting down anyways.

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