Happy 9th Birthday Karlie Lynn

I’m sitting here in disbelief that my little baby girl is 9 today. It really feels like she was just born and now she’s on the verge of so many great (and terrifying) parts of her life!! I could have filled this post with a million pictures, but just found a few (ok, like 14…) that sum up her life so far.

Karlie and her papa.

Karlie had my Dad wrapped around her finger from the moment she was born. She was only 5 when he passed away, but they were the best of friends and she constantly talks about him.

First Foods

It was 2005, baby led weaning wasn’t a “thing” yet, but we were doing it anyway. I’ve never been a fan of pureed foods, it’s always been so much easier to give pieces of whatever we were eating. She loved the teething cookies and the day her Daddy gave her her first Oreo was the happiest of her tiny life so far.

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

Our first trip to these dunes and she crashed and burned running down the hill more times than I can count, but she always got up and kept on running.

First Day of Kindergarten

She has loved school since the very first day.

Christmas Dresses

I didn’t find all of her different dresses, but it’s always a fun tradition to go pick out a new dress for Christmas. This one was one of my very favorites.


Karlie and her papa would swing at the campground park for HOURS. It’s still her favorite thing to do at any park.

Bat Girl

I loved this Halloween costume!!

1st Grade

That was the year she really blossomed and discovered how much she loved going to school and learning.

Christmas Eve

That year we got hit with a snow storm on Christmas Eve, they all had so much fun making snow angels and having a snowball fight before going to bed.

Easter Dress

Another Holiday that gets a new dress 🙂

2nd Grade

Karlie’s 2nd grade teacher and Tyler’s 5th grade teacher that year were married and I can’t say enough amazing things about both of them! Karlie was devastated on the last day of school when she had to say good bye for the summer.

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Liz get married

Liz has been a part of our family for awhile now, but it was made official last January. I love this picture of the two of them dancing, it was the end of the night, they were both exhausted, but  I love this picture

Lake Michigan

Since 2007, we have spent the better parts of our summer vacations on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Happy 9th Birthday Karlie, so excited to see where the next year takes you!!!



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