365 Days of Happy

Yesterday I posted some goals I had for myself in 2014 and was pretty satisfied with those. Then, I started catching up on blogs and read this post on Running with Spoons…I was instantly intrigued. I told my Husband about it and he immediately thought it was a good idea. I’m the person who can always point out the negative first instead of finding the good in a situation. It’s something I really need to work on. So, I’m adding one more goal to my list for 2014: Finding the happy in every day.

Every day I will make a note of something, anything happy or good that happened that day, no matter how big or small. I’m sure some days will be harder than others (especially for me), but I’m determined to do this!

Let’s get on to today’s meals. I woke up this morning with a fasting blood sugar of 84, I was pretty excited, given the past few days indulgences.


Egg sandwich

And my current obsession, grapefruits. Thankfully these are on sale, because I can’t get enough of their tangy deliciousness.

Lunch: The most random/yet delicious combo of foods of all time. A brown rice wrap with roasted garlic hummus and sharp cheddar cheese and a chicken egg roll I found in the freezer.

Dinner: We are pretty much snowed in today. It started snowing last night and hasn’t stopped. The roads are craptastic, and while I would have loved to have dinner with my mom, sister and niece tonight, I didn’t feel like driving…so we all found something to eat. I chose oatmeal topped with crunchy peanut butter

And the other half of my grapefruit.

Are you a glass half full or half empty person? Want to join in on the 365 days of happy, join in!


4 thoughts on “365 Days of Happy

  1. Yay on the blood sugar of 84! The nerdy dietitian in me would totally put that in the happy category! That grapefruit looks delicious and I’m really not even a huge fan of it! Hope you’re able to dig out today! I have the day off, so I’m not going anywhere!

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