Christmas Eve 2013

This afternoon has been pretty low key so far. We met at my Mom’s house around 1:00, did a little relaxing and then started cooking the appetizers.

We had some homemade cranberry salsa over cream cheese, 7 layer dip and a cheese ball.

Apparently, I was too busy feeding kids to get pictures of dinner, but it was an amazing feast of taquitos, chicken enchiladas, beef enchilada casserole and taco pasta. I managed to eat a couple of taquitos and an enchilada before feeling so full I was going to burst!

Then it was present time! We usually get the kids a small gift to open on Christmas Eve and then the adults do a gift exchange.

Baby Jack’s stank face. He’s so cute.

Sarah modeling the two scarves and headband that my sister crocheted for her. She’s a genius with a crochet hook, and needs to pass on her skills before she heads back to CA next week!

We are now snuggled up watching Elf and once the kiddies are in bed, we can get all of the Santa stuff out, fill the stockings and go to bed ourselves!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!


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