Five Things Friday

I was looking forward to spending the day cleaning, organizing some Christmas gifts and doing a little bit of relaxing before the kids are out of school for two weeks…and then the phone rang at 5am. Apparently the back roads were a bit icy, so snow day it is. Thankfully, the school sing a long and Christmas parties were yesterday afternoon!

Let’s get on to this edition of Five Things Friday!


1. Last Saturday night, our Church had a Christmas dinner and then the younger kids did a live nativity. Tyler was Joseph, Karlie was an angel and Aiden was supposed to be an animal, but got a bit of stage fright at the last minute.

2. We have decided to cloth diaper this time around. I am having way too much fun shopping on Ebay for fun girly cloth diapers! I can’t believe we are going to have someone small enough to fit into this soon!!!!

3. Throwback Thursday action. This was my brother and I circa mid 1980’s. Apparently we were very excited to get those sunglasses.

4. Fisbee the Elf has come to visit from CA with my sister and niece. I have never been a fan of the Elf on the Shelf, but my son’s Kindergarten teacher does a version of it in her class room (theirs is the Frog on the Log) and Aiden has been SOO excited about it, I think I’ll have to break down and get a freaking elf next year.

5. Christmas parties at school yesterday. I bounced between the Kindergarten and 3rd grade classrooms and both were festive and full of fun activities for the kids to do. So happy they did this yesterday and they didn’t have to miss out today because of the snow day!!



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