Five Things Friday

Good evening! My boys and husband are at the Piston’s game tonight, so it’s just me and the daughter hanging out. We went out to eat with my Mom and did a little Christmas shopping, now she’s watching Tangled, I’m updating the blog and then we are both heading to bed.

But first, 5 fabulous things for today’s Five Things Friday:

1. This ice cream. Oh man, it is AMAZING. The bits of peppermint candies make it a little bowl of heaven.

2. The lowest fasting blood sugar # since October. So happy!

3. I love this candle. I have been burning it at night and the whole kitchen smells of pepperminty goodness, one of my favorite flavors and smells.

4. Dinner from tonight; you can never, ever go wrong with steak fajitas.

5. Ornament that my daughter made at school today. Handmade ornaments make up the bulk of our tree, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’ll leave you with this high 5 for the end of today’s Five Things Friday. Have a great weekend and if you are also in the path of this snow storm, good luck and stay safe and warm!



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