Mug cake and taco night

I couldn’t think of a good title for the post tonight, so I went with my two favorite things from today.


The usual favorite: scrambled eggs, hash brown, canadian bacon and 1/2 a grapefruit. I absolutely LOVE grapefruits, the tangier and sour(ier?) the better!

Since Aiden was supposed to be our last child, as he has grown up, I’ve donated or sold all things baby, which means we are starting completely over. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on everything, because the paperwork has already been signed to get my tubes tied, so this one is for sure it…but she can’t spend her life in nothing but cloth diapers and a few onesies. I have driven by this store a bunch of times, but today I ventured in. Baby mothership.

I was in love. Rows and rows of baby and children’s clothes, maternity clothes and almost every baby supply you can imagine. I almost picked up a diaper bag and boppy, but remembered I was just browsing today and finding some Christmas gifts for the other kids (which I did find a few of us as well!). I can’t wait to really go shopping in this store, holding off until January before we start shopping for this little one.


I mentioned this on the WIAW post from yesterday, but I had it again and it should be mentioned again based on how absolutely delicious and amazing it was! Here’s the recipe again for you. The best part was how filling it was! Based on this meal plan / insulin regime I’m on, about 2 hours after a meal, you better feed me or I’m going to eat someone. But after this snack, it was nearly 4 hours before I felt the tiniest bit hungry. HOLLA!!! #winning


You can’t go wrong with taco night around here; kid and parent approval. I do the base of the corn tortilla, beans and cheese in the oven and then everyone can top their own. Usually the kids will leave them with just beans and cheese, I only added spicy guacamole to mine tonight and they were amazing.


6 thoughts on “Mug cake and taco night

  1. I thought that mug cake looked sort of familiar! It’s kind of like a game show when I see recipe pictures…. Like, Can I Guess Which Blogger That Recipe Came From?

    Really, they should make that into a show. I’d be a fantastic host 😉

    Consignment sale shopping is my favorite kind of shopping. Thrift stores are so amazing. I think 75% of my clothes come from this one thrift store in particular. They are so inexpensive and have some many great name brands like adidas, aeropostale, hollister, guess, etc!

    • Hahaha, that would make a fun show!

      I have bought all of my maternity clothes from thrift stores, I just can’t justify spending $40 for a pair of jeans I’m going to wear for 4 months when there are almost brand new jeans at salvation army for under $5.

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