19 Weeks

It’s hard to believe that next week marks the halfway point in this pregnancy, but since I missed the entire first trimester under the assumption I had a miscarriage, there’s a reason this is going by so fast.


your baby at 19 weeks
  • Developing a protective coating over her skin, called vernix caseosa. It’s greasy and white and you may see some of it at her birth.
  • Working on her five senses. Nerve cells for her sense of taste, hearing, sight and smell are developing in her brain.

Symptoms: Nothing really new from last week, the movements are getting stronger and I’m feeling them more at night just as I lay down to go to bed. I’m pretty excited to start feeling them on the outside too and my kids also can’t wait to feel their baby brother or sister move.

Food Cravings: Nothing really, I’m just hungry and want food all day long.

Food Aversions: None.

Appointment Updates: I met with my Endocrinolgist on Wednesday and everything has improved so much since I was diagnosed, I can’t believe what a difference 6 short weeks makes. My A1C level in October was 12.3 and as of Wednesday it’s down to 7.2. I think they said less than 5 is considered non-diabetic.

Upcoming Appointments: The “Big” Ultrasound is on Monday! The one thing that will make me insanely happy is for them to tell me that baby is healthy and growing right on track. If we can also find out the sex, that’s a bonus.



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