What I Ate Wednesday

I haven’t done one of these posts in a very long time, since I had my old blog and even then, it was probably May or possibly April when I did one. 2nd trimester energy is amazing and I hope it never goes away!

If you’re new to the party; Jenn at Peas and Crayons puts this little link up party together every Wednesday, so if you’re hungry or looking for some new meal ideas, go check out everyone who is participating today.

I only have a couple of meals to show you today because my snacks were consumed in the car on the way home from my Dr’s appointment this morning and the afternoon snack on my way to pick up the littles from school.


Scrambled eggs, toast, turkey bacon and a grapefruit. Yes, I eat my grapefruits like an orange. They are delicious like this and way less effort!


I tried a new soup from Progresso and I was not disappointed! I also had some Carbmaster yogurt on the side, because it’s the only dessert I get lately and doesn’t send my blood sugars sky high. Win. Win.

And because today is Hump Day Bump Day; I bring you the baby bump at 18 weeks, 4 days.

Have a great night!


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