17 Weeks


your baby at 17 weeks
  • Her rubbery cartilage is now turning to bone.
  • And she’s growing some meat on those bones — putting on some fat.
  • She’s growing a stronger, thicker umbilical cord, too.

Symptoms: I’m actually feeling really good and normal! If it weren’t for this belly, I would forget I was pregnant. Now that my blood sugars are getting under control, I have SOO much more energy and just want to get things done.

Food Cravings: Fast food. Seriously, all I want is a double cheeseburger, extra cheesy and super salty fries. Mouth watering.

Food Aversions: None. I ate chicken and survived. Still not ready for a giant piece put on my plate, but if it’s in something, I’m eating it.

Appointment Updates:

16 Week: Everything went great, my weight is holding steady, my blood pressure was normal, uterus measured at just under 16cm and heartbeat was loud and proud. Did a 24 hour urine test to check kidney function and also had the quad screening blood work done.

17 Week: I realized on Tuesday that I hadn’t felt baby move since Sunday. I put in a call to the OB’s office and with me being a Diabetic, they wanted to be safe so they had me come in yesterday morning. This baby is a lot smaller than my previous 3, which means it’s actually normal sized. By this point in my other pregnancies, I was already at a 25lb weight gain (I’ve gained less than 3 so far with this one) and my uterus was measuring closer to 20cm…no wonder I gave birth to giants! This time I’m on insulin and on a strict meal plan provided by the hospital dietician as well as my endocrinologist. We listened to baby on the doppler for a couple of minutes and heard movements, even though I didn’t feel any of them. In other news, the urine test I had done the week before came back totally normal, so I won’t have to do another one until the 3rd trimester and my bloodwork for the quad screen all came back normal with 0-low risk of baby having down syndrome, spina bifida or any of the trisomies. ALL great news!!!

Upcoming Appointments: No more this week!

I am really enjoying this pregnancy. All the other ones, I was miserable and just wanted  them to be over. I have signed the paperwork already for the tubal to take place during the c-section, so this is 100% the very last baby. I got a little teary eyed when I realized I’m almost to the halfway point already. I know the end is miserable and uncomfortable, but I hope to keep up my good mood about this pregnancy 😉


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