Baby #4

Welcome to The Pregnant Diabetic! For my first post, I want to share the story of this little miracle baby. Grab a drink and a snack, it gets kind of crazy.

Around the first week of August, we had just returned from a 10 day family camping trip and I was feeling “off.” I also noticed my period was late. After going through the “no freaking way” thoughts, I decided to just go buy a test…so I did. Actually, I went through about 6.


I had an OB appointment the following week and I was (according to my last period) 6 weeks at that point and they gave me a due date of April 7 and scheduled an ultrasound for the following Monday. The whole week I was a total and complete nervous wreck, I was worried there may be more than one hanging out and growing, but I was terrified nothing would be seen. As I layed on the table, the ultrasound tech asked if I was 100% certain of my last period date and if I had been experiencing any cramps or bleeding. Because according to the ultrasound, I was only 5 weeks with a due date of April 19, but although there was an amniotic sac, it was empty. As I sat there trying not to cry, I remember my OB talking to me, but it’s all a blur, I just sat there blinking and nodding when I thought it was appropriate. I had an HcG blood test done that day and another one that Friday, he called me on Monday and said that while the HcG levels went up, they weren’t doubling as they should and he was confident this was a non-viable pregnancy. He asked if I wanted my body to eliminate the pregnancy or if I wanted a D&C and I told him I really wanted my body to do this on it’s own and he was 100% supportive in that decision. I went in a few weeks later for more blood work and on that day (September 9th) it was my birthday and I had started bleeding pretty heavily that morning, so my OB and I both thought it was the start of the miscarriage. I did a LOT of crying that week, I bled and passed some clots for close to a whole week. I went again 3 weeks later (September 30th) and he asked how everything went, if the bleeding stopped, if my pregnancy symptoms were gone, yes and yes. He said at this point the HcG levels should be close to 0 and he would be drawing more blood that day, if the levels went up again, it was more than likely leftover placenta or some other “debris,” meaning the miscarriage wasn’t complete. If that was the case, I would need an ultrasound to see what was going on and more than likely be having the D&C that week.

Still with me? Here’s the fun part 🙂

Wednesday morning (October 2nd) the nurse called from the office and said I needed an ultrasound that day, she couldn’t tell me anything over the phone other than he would go over everything including my bloodwork after the ultrasound. My ultrasound was at Noon and she called at 9:30, I spent the next 2 hours wondering, planning and trying to figure out how to get school drop offs and pick ups scheduled for the day I would probably be having the D&C. The ultrasound tech gave me a friendly smile as I walked in the room and said she would make this as easy and as painless as possible and then turned the monitor away from my face as she began. Not even one minute later she let out a HOLY $h**!!! and whipped the monitor towards me saying “By golly, there’s a baby in there!!!” I sobbed. Big, giant, loud tears. Pretty sure I told her to shut her dang mouth and then said OMG really?! What’s crazy is that the baby is still measuring at that original ultrasound date she had back in August of April 19, 2014. Baby had a fabulous and strong heartbeat of 165 and looked perfect.


When my OB walked in, he must have scratched his head no less than 10 times flipping through the chart wondering how this was medically possible. According to the MANY HcG tests I had done, none of them doubled as fast as they should have. While the levels are within normal standards, they still didn’t make sense. And then he gave me bad news. My urine dip a couple of days prior to that showed sugar in my urine and the random blood test done that day showed my blood sugar at a shocking 288. He had me get a glucometer that day and set up an appointment at the hospital for two days later with a dietician and diabetic counselor. As of Friday, I’m on two different types of Insulin, one that I inject at every meal and one at bedtime. Because I’m now considered high risk I meet with an Endocrinologist tomorrow and start seeing Perinatology next week.

Yesterday I had my 12 week OB appointment and I nearly had a heart attack when he was unable to find the heartbeat with the doppler, so I waited a few minutes and had another ultrasound. Now that I’m on Insulin, both baby and I have much more energy and that little goldfish was moving around like crazy, still looking perfect, and while I can’t be for certain, I’m pretty sure he or she is sticking it’s tongue out at me.


I decided to start this blog to document the next 6 months of this crazy journey of being a pregnant diabetic.


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