Beach Day

I am hoping to be able to document our entire trip, but the WiFi here in the campground is pretty tempermental, sometimes it’s easy to get on, other times it takes an act of congress, so fingers crossed…

This morning, we took Aiden and Karlie up to Ludington and then stopped at the park on the way back. I don’t know why they love this playground so much; I think it is because it’s on the beach. Either way, it was fun to break up the road trip we were on.

Once we got back, it was time for lunch and then beach time!! Today was the perfect beach day, I could have stayed there for hours. It was so nice to just lay on the blanket and watch the kids play and have fun.

The rest of the day was also low-key, reading, walking around the campground and just hanging out as a family.

We are now in the trailer, ready to watch a movie and call it a night. Hope you had a great weekend…hopefully I’ll be able to post tomorrow 😉


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