WIAW {#7}

Every week I tell myself I’m going to start participating in What I Ate Wednesday posts again, and then it’s Friday and I forgot…again. I didn’t get dinner photographed today, but it was pretty boring. 

It was so humid this morning, I had to take the fastest pictures ever of my smoothie because the lens kept fogging up, I have tried to edit this bad boy, and this is the best I could do. 

This was so thick and creamy and tasted just like ice cream. All I did was blend 8 ice cubes, frozen banana and strawberry slices, a cup of Vanilla Almond Coconut milk – which is freaking AMAZEBALLS by the way, let it blend until thick and then suck it down. Easy peasey.

Lunch was *shocker* another salad! This was pretty identical to yesterday’s salad, except I used sliced roast beef instead of ham. Equally delicious. 

Pretty craptastic picture, but by this point, it was so insanely jungle like humid, my lens was too foggy, there was no rescuing those pictures. 

And that does it for today, I had a couple of plums in the afternoon for a snack and then we went to my mom’s house for dinner: bbq chicken, baked beans and cantelope. 

Thanks for stopping by, have a fantastic rest of the week! 

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